People who LOVE card decks, tend to buy a LOT of them!

If you have a card deck idea - this is GOOD NEWS for you!

Card decks are such a unique way to provide impact

They provide an experience

They are the antithesis of overwhelm

They allow the user to get just the right content at just the right time in small easy to use nuggets

They guide, teach, inspire, motivate, prompt. challenge, and explore

AND they are fun to use

They are the perfect vehicle for your wisdom and your message!

That said........

I have card decks that sit on my shelf and never get used while others
get used a LOT! If you love card decks, you know exactly what I mean!

The ones I use MOST are well designed, beautifully packaged, have a unique purpose
or approach, meet a need I have and are easy to use. They deliver what they say they will deliver.

The ones that don't get used....they just miss the mark.

I want to make sure YOUR card deck is one of those well-used and treasured card decks.

In this 4 part training I will walk you through the four phases
of creating your own card deck

It will be fun, creative, information-packed
and it will get you into action!
Not only will it move your idea forward,
it will give you confidence in the process.

Starts TBD (Probably September 2017)
9 am PT / noon ET


Where to start - including clear how to steps and do-able actions

How to move your idea beyond what’s been done before

How to create your first prototype (creative play time)

How to put your prototype to work for you (a lot can happen at this stage)

How to find and work with designers, illustrators, writers, printers etc (you don’t have to do everything yourself)

Learn what goes into pricing and the formulas that make your investment an easy decision (a little bit of math is good for you)

How to get your deck produced (there are lots of options)

What it costs to create a card deck and how to fund it (Also lots of options)

The essential research needed to make sure you will get your investment back and make plenty of profit.

How to get your deck “out there” after it’s created. (AKA distribution channels)

PLUS - access to my list of product development resources

Session One - Getting Started

In phase one it’s important to get clear about where a card deck fits into your product
flow strategy and the impact you want it to have. This session explores foundational questions,
types of card decks, your core message, your audience and the creative process.

Session 2 - Creative Play & Prototypes

Phase two is about creating, playing and experimenting. You want to stay in the creative process
long enough for the idea to evolve sufficiently. This session explores ways to develop your content,
how to create a prototype and how to begin to gather information relevant to your idea. (beginning research)

Session Three - Making Decisions & Developing Content (Creative Process Continued)

In phase three you are still in the creative process but honing in on specifics and really flushing out
the content. You will begin making decisions about card deck size, packaging, visuals, your reach
and distribution avenues.

Session Four - Getting Ready For Print

Phase four involves testing and research, getting estimates, running the numbers, finding your team
and making production decisions. You are putting the finishing touches on your content and design,
you know exactly what you want and are ready to go to print.

By the end of the course you will have expanded your card deck idea, played with prototypes,
learned the road map to make it a reality and have the confidence to do it!

DATES: TBD (Probably September 2017)

Friday's 9am-10am Pacific, / noon-1pm Eastern








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