You’ve got amazing gifts and tons of hard-won wisdom to share.

You love your clients and you love that sweet feeling of making a difference in someone’s life.

But you’re also a little restless. Because you’re ready for more. More clients. More impact. More influence. And yes… more money!

You’ve been paying attention and you know… one of the best ways to attract more clients, opportunities and money without taking on more work is by packaging up your brilliance into a product or program.

One that can impact thousands and increase your income without you ever needing to show up.

But hey… you don’t want to create any old thing.

You want to create something that stands out and shines.

Something with heart.

Something that expresses your unique perspective and know-how and makes a big, lasting impact on your clients. Something you can be proud of.

Hi, I’m Marcy, and for the past 15 years I’ve been helping coaches, counselors, authors and trainers turn their brilliance into transformational products and programs that stand out, sell out and attract raving fans.

When we work together, you will discover how to:

  • Create the products and programs your ideal clients will buy, recommend, and gift to others.
  • Meet and tap into your creative muse so your products and programs are original, unique and a true expression of you.
  • Give yourself a big fat raise and enjoy a lot more free time because your products stand out, sell out, and consistently attract new clients.
  • Build your business and expand your reach in a way that has heart and meaning.

Transformational products change lives.

Creating transformational products and programs will change yours. In a myriad of magical ways.

Whether you work with me privately or in a group program, you get the expertise, tools, resources and support you need to relax, enjoy the process and profit big time from your products and programs.

A great place to start > download the ebook on the right – Create Products! 4 Easy Steps to More Clients Money & Freedom

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A wildly creative year long program designed for your Epic Leap to ALL the clients, impact, money & creative freedom you want!

Beginning February 2024

Get the guidance, how to’s and support you need to create a profitable card deck that your clients and you will love. This is an all action, full support, tons of fun, get-er-done program.

Step-by-step bootcamp will have you creating your own social media micro-content with a clear vision, speed and creativity. You will definitely grab the attention of your ideal clients! Jan. 11 2024

Claim your deep wisdom and create a product-based business that transforms lives and up levels your business.

Marcy was instrumental in helping me launch the Right-Brain Business Plan e-book and the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit. As my product coach and mentor, she patiently supported me through the entire process from concept to execution. Not only is Marcy knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty ins and outs of product development, she also deeply understands the emotional side of the creative process. She is brimming with valuable resources and fun approaches to doing the work. Marcy is encouraging, enthusiastic, creative and a true champion of her clients’ work. If you’re thinking about creating a coaching product, I highly recommend partnering with Marcy.

Jennifer Lee

Best Selling Author and Business Coach

Through Marcy’s Program I conceptualized and launched a new business and website, created an eight-session group workshop and recorded a free audio program with companion worksheet in just four months. When I look back on what I accomplished, even I am amazed!  Marcy’s a wonder at helping you claim your power and confidently share what you know with the world. Her program pieces down the complicated process of product creation into bite-sized, easily digested nuggets and her willingness to share all of her resources and wisdom goes above and beyond anything I’ve experienced in a development program to date. I highly recommend Marcy’s program and I know I will refer back to her teachings and exercises as I continue my personal journey of creation.
Kate Watson

Business Consultant and Photographer