Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA, CPCC

I’ll get to the formal bio and credentials in a minute but first, I want you to know that I’m a product creation expert. I know the practical steps you need to take to complete production on everything from a digital download to a card deck to a board game and all things in between. I have a special knack for seeing where the product ideas are in your content or concept. I’ve created products, I’ve studied products, I’ve reviewed products for a magazine, I sell products through my online store and I have a great sense of what sells and what doesn’t. I have been successfully coaching others to create products for the past eight years and am proud to say I’ve had a hand in bringing many of them to market.

The second key thing to know about me is that I have an expert understanding of the creative process – from an artistic and psychological perspective. I understand the dynamics of creative risks and creative blocks and I have enormous compassion for the sometimes jagged journey of creating. I will walk with you and move with you through any obstacles and dragons guarding your treasure!

I have explored different spiritual traditions and practices and have a love for ritual which is probably why I gravitate toward American Indian teachings. The concept that we are all related holds deep meaning for me. The outdoors, in particular, Northern Minnesota brings me great joy.

I work hard, I love my clients, I turn to spirit and intuition for guidance and I believe the gifts of the feminine (creativity, intuition, collaboration, empathy, power with) need to be more consciously valued and optimized in our world.


Read my Manifesto Here: Marcy’s Manifesto

Now on to the formal bio and credentials

I have a master’s degree in counseling and psychological services. I am a certified professional co-active coach. As a thought leader, I call on women (and men) to discover and honor “the deep feminine” within life and work. I am a product mentor, product review feature writer for Choice Magazine, visual artist, and founder and president of Coachingtoysstore.com, an online store featuring creative tools, products, and processes for personal and professional development.

I created and use a grounding process called Walking the P.I.N.K. Circle, that honors each individual’s Power, Imagination, Nurturing & Knowing.  I find when you create from those 4 developmental areas, you create in a way that is deeply honoring and sustainable.

I believe that creating a product that reflects your gifts and wisdom is an act of leadership, and an excellent way to contribute to worldwide transformation as products reach and change more and more people across the globe.

Contact information

Marcy at Pinkparadigm.com


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA