Tommorrow is the last day of art camp at the Blue Horse Farm – I’ll need to leave by 1pm, so it will be a short day – there are so many things I wanted to get to and didn’t and just as many things that I did do that were unexpected. The immersion in the world of visual art has been amazing and there is a lot to processArt_campmesm_2I’m short on words this evening – but I have some pictures to share – As you can see -we got to work in this wonderful spacious barn – that’s light coming through the wood slats.

The first picture is me hard at work on a piece I finished today (yeah!) and I’m really happy with it.

Next picture is small gathering to discuss the work of fellow artist Jill Waterhouse (in orange)


The last pic is one of the artists – Judy, having a one on one conversation with guest artist Christine Bauemler

(on the right). 

All for now – I’ll need to take some time to digest it all.