40d3828fd7a067bae6a82110.L._AA240_ I’ve recently been getting re-acquainted with The Artist’s
Way: A Spiritual Path for Greater Creativity
by Julia Cameron. I’m surprised
and pleased with how relevant it all still is – and how coach like. Julia was as
much a life coach as she was a creativity coach long before it became a

There seems to be a resurgence of interest in creativity,
spirit and authentic expression these days. Maybe it goes hand in hand with the
financial challenges in the country. Everyone seems to be simplifying,
re-evaluating values and shifting away from a material focus. With that comes a
need to be a lot more creative – with time and resources.

The Artist’s Way, I’m finding, is the perfect vehicle for
re-engaging that creativity. Not only do the suggested actions help you re-discover
wonder, many of them also help you challenge and de-clutter all that is
limiting, including; nay saying friends, ratty clothes in your closet and all
those pesky beliefs that get in the way.  

Here’s one of the many creative exercises from T he Artist's Way – just to get you thinking;

“List twenty things you enjoy doing (rock climbing,
roller-skating, baking pies, ….” Once you have your list, write down the last time you did
each item. Now the really fun part – pick one or two to schedule into
your week. What a gift to create time to do the things that bring joy.