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Create a best-selling card deck that WOWs your clients and ROCKS your bottom line…

…without getting all tangled up in the how-tos!


It’s hot, it’s fun, it will bring you more money, open up cool opportunities and give you that game-changing credibility you get from writing a book – without spending years writing a book. Plus, it’s a whole lot easier.

Now is the perfect time to get on this hot new trend for coaches, counselors and trainers and create your very own card deck.

Have you noticed that every Hay House author also has a card deck? There’s a reason for that…..they sell.

People who love card decks, buy a lot of them. That’s great news for you.

Beyond that welcome stream of passive income and instant credibility, there’s another significant reason to jump on this trend: impact.

Card decks are powerful tools and they will impact your clients differently than speaking or books.

Here’s how they’re different…

  • check_circleA card deck provides an experience that engages your client
  • check_circleIt is the antithesis of overwhelm
  • check_circleIt facilitates learning as your client gets just the right content at just the right time, in small,easy-to-use nuggets
  • check_circleThey’re incredibly versatile because they can be designed to guide, teach, inspire, motivate, prompt, challenge, explore and more
  • check_circleAnd they’re fun to use!

How cool would it be to create your own best-selling card deck. One that your client’s can’t wait to buy for themselves and others. One that will inspire, motivate and guide them on a daily basis.

I’m telling you, a card deck really is the perfect vehicle for your wisdom and your message, but wait …not all card decks are created equal. 

I have card decks that sit on my shelf and never get used while others get used a lot. If you love card decks, you know exactly what I mean!  

The ones that don’t get used…they just miss the mark.  

I want to make sure your card deck is the best selling, most well-used and treasured card deck ever. 


The Card Deck Master Class

A step by step journey to create your very own best-selling card deck

In this 10-week group mentoring program you’ll get the guidance, how to’s and support you need to create a profitable card deck that your clients and you will love.

This is an all action, full support, tons of fun, get-er-done program.

I will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to move through the four phases of creating a best selling card deck.

This is where all the action happens.

This is where we make sure your best-selling card deck idea gets all the tender loving care it needs and it gets done!

Together we will…..

  • check_circleEliminate any obstacles that could derail your progress
  • check_circleGet clear on the best card deck for you that will attract the most clients and make the most sales
  • check_circleHave fun with the design process
  • check_circleAvoid the common pitfalls and mistakes
  • check_circleCreate the best card deck possible in a way that’s easy and joyful.

In just 10 weeks…..


Your awesome card deck idea will be ready to go to print! Just imagine that finished deck in your hands, making money and making a difference with your clients.


Here’s what some recent grads had to say….

“I loved how easy this program made the process of creating my first card deck! It’s all broken down into small doable steps. I’ve been saying I wanted one for years, and finally I’ve taken action! Plus, Marcy is an idea machine and right by your side the whole way.”

Jeanna Gabellini

“I came into the class with a tornado of ideas and somehow Marcy pulled the chaos out of my thinking and by the end, I had a doable, step by step system that I knew I could do and that there was a market for it! It was such a great experience!

The weekly handouts inspired so much thought and creativity and she generously included links to great resources. Marcy walks the walk when it comes to products and product development — I feel so much more capable of following through with my idea for a card deck after taking the Card Deck Class!”

Michelle Berlin
Artist and ‘Too Many Ideas’ Creativity Coach

How Your Card Deck Adventure Unfolds

PHASE 1: Get Started

In phase one you will …

  • fiber_manual_recordGet clear about how a card deck fits into your product strategy. 
  • fiber_manual_recordDetermine the impact you want it to have. 
  • fiber_manual_recordAnswer the foundational questions that will point you towards the right type of deck for you. 
  • fiber_manual_recordClaim your core message and jump into the creative process.

PHASE 2: Create, Play & Experiment

In phase two you will….

  • fiber_manual_recordStay with the creative process and allow your idea to evolve fully.
  • fiber_manual_recordExperiment with fun, guided approaches to develop your content.
  • fiber_manual_recordCreate a totally inspired prototype.
  • fiber_manual_recordExpand your concept through the Circles of Stimulus Process. 

PHASE 3: Make Decisions & Develop Content

In phase three you will….

  • fiber_manual_recordHone in on specifics and really flush out your content.
  • fiber_manual_recordMake smart decisions about card deck size, packaging and visuals.
  • fiber_manual_recordConfidently interview and work with a graphic designer.
  • fiber_manual_recordKnow how to maximize your reach with your card deck.

PHASE 4: Get Ready to Print

In phase four you will….

  • fiber_manual_recordTest your idea, get estimates and run the numbers.
  • fiber_manual_recordMake important production decisions, with my guidance.
  • fiber_manual_recordPut the finishing touches on your content and design.
  • fiber_manual_recordOrder final design, make desired changes and approve.

Yea! You are ready to go to print.

Here’s just a few card decks participants have created


What others are saying …

“I’ve taken a lot of online courses in the last three years, and the Card Deck Master Class has been one of my all-time favorites. First, there is Marcy. She’s been-there, done-that when it comes to card decks, and is a WEALTH of knowledge and resources around creating them. She’s been deeply involved in the creation of my card deck, from supporting my early ideas and nudging me when I drifted off track, to helping me name the deck and navigate relationships with print vendors. Next is the class format, with recorded modules, print materials, and live Zoom mentor calls and studio sessions. I enjoyed the studio sessions most, as they gave me focused time to spend on the deck in the company of Marcy and my fellow card creators. Third is the results I’ve gotten from the class: at the time I’m writing this, I’m just about to sign on the dotted line with a printer! Within less than six months, I’ve gone from an idea in my head to a prototype to what is just about a finished, ready-to-sell product! If you’re thinking about creating a card deck, you won’t go wrong with Marcy and her Card Deck Master Class. I highly recommend her – and it!”

Renae Rost Gregoire

“Marcy’s Card Deck Class was just what I needed! I must admit, I set a very high bar, as I train trainers, and Marcy met that high mark. She has deep content knowledge and practical experience with decks, provided a clear path for learning the steps of the development process, and answered our questions in detail and with patience. I can’t wait to get my deck into production—and to tell my colleagues about this class!”

Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D.
Coach, Speaker, Author

“I highly recommend the Card Deck Master Class!”

“Marcy is very knowledgeable about product creation. She has designed a class that supports the creative process while giving contrite information to produce a product from start to finish. She is supportive, caring and direct with her feedback and she continues to offer advice on my process even after the class is over. I love that the class brings me to a point when I will have a card deck in my hands. I have always wanted to write a book, but the card deck has been a much better product for me.”

Becky Moore LMP

“As a veteran course consumer, I can honestly say Card Deck Master Class was the BEST course I have ever taken! As expected, I learned EVERYTHING I need to know to create, produce and sell as many card decks as my heart desires but what made this course exceptional is Marcy’s particular brilliance in product concept.

When it came down to deciding on the particular deck to focus on in the course we were guided to see it as a part of our entire business rather than just something else we could produce…this perspective and guidance was priceless.

The structure of the Card Deck Master Class with its built-in Work Sessions powerfully moved us all to not just completing the course but having working prototypes of our decks ready to produce. Thank you, Marcy, for a wonderful experience and a fabulous addition to my business.

Rozlyn Warren, CHt, ESLC

“I’m proud to be sticking with this course and adhering to a schedule to complete my card deck. I can’t tell you how many courses I’ve done where I attended the classes but wasn’t motivated to create and finish the product. You’ve taken most of the “scary” out of the process, Marcy. Thank you!”

Suzanne Gochenouer

The Nitty Gritty of How It Works

The 8 webinar-based training modules. This step-by-step training gives you…

  • check_circleThe very best place to start – clear how-to steps and do-able actions!
  • check_circleThe key to create a deck that’s unique, new and never been done before
  • check_circleSimple steps and templates to create your first prototype and have fun in the process
    Secret strategies to find and work with designers, illustrators, writers, printers, etc.
  • check_circleHow and where to get your deck printed
  • check_circleWhat it costs to create a card deck and how to fund it
  • check_circleSimple strategies and formulas to make sure you get your investment back and make plenty of profit
  • check_circleEasy and fun ways to share, sell and leverage your deck for more money and impact.

We’ll meet via video-conference weekly for 10 weeks PLUS you get an additional 3 calls to support you for 9 more weeks after the program ends.  You will get to report on progress, share “ahas” and successes, blast through any blocks or self-doubt and find inspiration and encouragement. You will also get to work on some of the module worksheets right while we’re are on the call. It’s a great way to get them done — you will thank me later.

Just know that I’ve got your back! I am always available for questions, coaching and review of material, on these calls and in the Facebook group.

In order to create anything, you have to sit yourself down and do it. This is going to be super easy for you because we are going to do it together. Studio Time – 2 hour virtual work sessions where we get stuff done. We will meet via Zoom video conference 7 times. Past participants raved about these sessions.

It will be easy for you to stay on track because there will be weekly action steps as well as recommended milestones. Plus awesome prizes when you meet certain milestones.

The facebook group is a blast. You get to show off what you are creating, share progress, get pats on the back and enjoy the progress of your fellow card deck creators. You will have access to me and the collective genius of the group. Feedback is such a powerful creative partner and nothing is more valuable than getting your questions answered in the moment you have them.

The Card Deck Master Class

Begins Early May 2022 TBD

Only $995

Get ready to wow your clients, create ripples of impact,
and rock your bottom line!

In 10 weeks… you will have something that will make you passive income for years and years to come. You will have a tool to attract new clients, engage with them in a way that is fun and exciting, impact 1000’s of people and boost credibility without spending years writing a book.

Speaking of passive income, just the other day, I got a sweet order for 200 of my card deck. $1000’s of dollars and I didn’t have to do a thing.


So, Let’s Review. Here’s What You Get…..

  • check_circle8 Training Modules
  • check_circle10 Live Mentoring Calls (plus 3 after the program ends)
  • check_circle 7 Studio work Sessions
  • check_circleWeekly worksheets, action steps & rewards to keep you on track
  • check_circlePrivate Facebook Group
  • check_circleInvaluable group support and feedback


Let’s get it done!
Click the payment option that works for you


I’m so excited for you.

I know from personal experience this is going to be an exciting adventure. I believe you have a great message and it’s time to get it out there in a really fun way.
I’m here, ready to go and can’t wait to support you!

Love, Marcy

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