Insight Through Artistic Play

Artist and coach, Barb Kobe describes the “ART Paper Doll” as a symbolic, embodied art form. To me it’s a fun, easy to access structure for personal discovery and expression and it has so many applications – including product development.
Let’s play with YOU as your BEST, most successful, creative product creator/creatress.

Art Camp – Final Thoughts

“It’s not our facility as artists people want to see – it’s our soul”, Jill Waterhouse, Installation artist and fellow art camp participant…..Failure (experimentation) opens up new possibilities and directions for further experimentation and of course more failure. However out of that chaos something will begin to take shape

Art Camp-Pictures

Tommorrow is the last day of art camp at the Blue Horse Farm – I’ll need to leave by 1pm, so it will be a short day – there are so many things I wanted to get to and didn’t and just as many things that I did do that were unexpected. The...

Art Camp – The Edge

Our guest artist, Christine Bauemler offered informal group discussions and 1:1 sessions with each artist. Her insight, expertise and eye for whats happening in the work – and whats not happening is extraordinary. She is extraordinarily adept at drilling down to the essence of whats most important to you as an artist.

Off to “Art Camp”

Today was the first day of “Art Camp”. A week long art intensive for serious adult artists. I’ve got the adult down – serious?? hmmm…It’s been quite a while since I’ve given my art this kind of serious attention.