Great Tools for Visioning!

3ef4db923cab4acdb8efe064d62dd8e2Visioning is an important part of getting what you want and achieving dreams and goals. Here are a couple of very fun tools to make your visioning come alive.
Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit
This sweet package walks you through a process to make a pocket-sized vision board. Your collage book will be a visual affirmation of your values, goals and dreams. Also comes with a link to a 20 minute guided visualization and video demo.  Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit
Dream Card Game
Dreams Do Come True. Discover the magic of playing with this versatile & powerful deck.  This set of 56 cards will help uncover and claim your secret inner desires and inspire you to take your life to a new level. do you want to own a Lexus or direct a play? How about climbing a mountain or having your own cooking show? This a great deck to use with a group of friends and get you all dreaming a bit bigger!  Dream Card Game

The ICF Conference Experience – Connections, Learning & BBQ!

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We had a great experience at the ICF Midwest Conference and returned feeling energized and connected! This coaching conference was PACKED with learning and inspiration plus I got to meet people I had known only "virtually" before – pictured above is Danielle Cornenchuk and myself. I learned about some awesome Aura-picresources while engaging with all the other vendors and of course my good friend Garry from choice magazine was there (in the third picture above). It just so happened that Belle Star had a booth next to us and she takes "aura" pictures. She did a couples aura picture for Rick and I – pretty cool! And of course, being in Kansas City we had to try some Kansas City BBQ!
Conferences are such a great place to get inspired and current in your profession and to gather fuel for your passion.  If you aren't able to attend a conference like this, consider creating your own "mini conference" experience.
Learning on your own, at home and at your own pace will help keep you sharp and engaged. To make it a "mini conference" experience consider inviting a couple of colleagues to join you. You each pick something cool to learn and then meet for dinner to share – voila – a mini conference experience! If you have attended a conference you know that dining out with colleagues is one of the best parts of the experience.
Here are three suggestions  for learning
1. Marlena Field's Embodied Resources – This is a great program on using the body and mindfulness in coaching.
2. Learn how to use writing as a tool to build your business with Linda Dessau's book Write Your Way To More Clients Online
3. Easily Wired Combo – this is a great tool to learn best practices and strategies for networking for business growth and to advance within an organization..
What are some of your favorite learning products and programs?


Flow, Superman & Ultimate Human Performance

Unnamed (1)Have you been listening to any of the WBECS speakers?  One of my favorites was Jamie Wheal from the Flow Genome Project. He spoke about "FLOW" and it sparked my curiosity so much, I went in search of more.
I found a great YouTube video featuring Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler giving a talk at Google called "The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance"
The video shares the science of flow and how to apply it. They acknowledge that Creativity is in great demand today and it's hard to "teach" people to be creative. The exciting thing is that flow states seem to teach creativity. Flow states also greatly increase happiness. Jamie and Steven say that "In flow, motivation and creativity skyrockets". This has huge potential in the workplace and in just about any activity.  Carve out some time and check it out.
And by the way, WBECS – World Business and Executive Coaching Summit is still going on. The speakers have been phenomenal (all free) Check it out here: WBECS

Tools To Help Clients In Career Transition

UnnamedIf your specialty isn't career coaching or counseling but you are getting more clients showing up with that as the focus, here's something that will help you serve them well.

It's a Career Coaching Tool Pack that you can customize for your business.

It includes:
1. Boost Your Strengths Exercise
2. Career Discovery Pondering Questions Sheet
3. Career Values Workbook
4. Personal Swot Exercise
5. Reclaim Your Power At Work Exercise.

Did I mention that these are all customizable? this means you can add your branding, logo and custom edits. What a time saving resource.

Check it out here: Career Coaching Tool Pack

May 2015 Special Of The Month – A Career Power-House

Career 3 packIf you are a career coach or are dealing with a job transition or know someone who is – The Career 3 Pack offers the kind of  powerful support, strategies and guidance you need to be successful. 
Never fret about an interview again - Acing the Interviewgives you all the "killer" questions you might be asked and how to create responses that will get you hired.
Not sure what you want to do next? The Career Success Discovery Cards give you 50 practical strategies to uncover skills, explore career options and find the best fit.
Not sure where to start with your job search?  Beyond The Résumé Strategy Cards offer 25 creative job search strategies and how to communicate in a competitive economy. 
The 3 Pack is a power-house! And it's our Special of the Month! 
Purchase Here: Career 3 Pack

Not to Be Missed – World Business and Executive Coach Summit

WbecsIf you haven't yet signed up for the online World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) – Do!

Last year was awesome and this year they have another super lineup you'll likely be interested in. I've also heard that sessions are reaching capacity quickly. 




The speakers include:
  •       Marshall Goldsmith-Global Thinkers, 50 award winner.
  •       Ken Blanchard-Business & Leadership thought leader.
  •       Carol Kauffman-CEO of Harvard Institute of Coaching.
  •       Judith Glaser-Conversation Intelligence guru.
  •       Liz Wiseman-Mulitplier Leaderships & Thinkers, 50 award winner.
  •       Mark Thompson-CEO of Virgin Unite and Richard Branson's coach.
  •       David Peterson-Global Head of Leadership & Development at Google.
  •       Jim Kouzes-Leadership guru.
  •       Jim Clifton-CEO of Gallup.
  •       Peter Cheese-CEO of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
Each year the WBECS event offers a complimentary set of world class sessions you can attend online at your convenience. Pick the sessions that you most resonate with and that are most relevant to you right now. The value I have received each year has been excellent and well worth the time invested.

Here is the link where you can register: WBECS
I hope you are able to join at least a few of the sessions during May!