3 Simple Strategies For Repurposing Content

Creating from scratch is fun but you don’t have to. When you know you want something new and you’re not sure what to create, or you don’t have time – it’s time to repurpose.

If you go sorting through everything you’ve already created with an eye to repurposing – you will find a gold mine of possibilities. Repurposing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to come up with something new to offer your clients or prospective clients.

Here are three simple strategies.

Find something you already have and look for talking points that you could expand. Best content to repurpose by expanding includes:  articles, a stand alone webinars or even short FaceBook lives. For example, If your article has 3 tips or bullet points, you can turn each one into a lesson with a case study and an action step and you have a great lead magnet. Same with a webinar. Look for the key points and expand on each with a deeper dive. Now you have a 3 part online course. 

This is when you take something big you have created, like a 3 month training or mentoring program or any type of program that has modules of some sort. And you pull from it to make a smaller offer.  For example, take one talking point from 3 of your modules and turn it into an entry level course. Or take one module, pull out a key point or two and write an article or create a lead magnet or a bonus for another program. 

This can be a fun approach. This is about putting two things together that you haven’t put together before. Maybe combine a module from one program with a module from another. Perhaps you use a process for one program that you can adapt to apply to a new topic. Maybe you only do something online – what if you combine it with an in person element.  Maybe you add a new medium to something you have. Can you put all of those worksheets into a workbook. You get the drift. Mix and match and see what sparks for you. 

Repurposing is a powerful way to expand your offerings. Have fun with it!