Mind-Mapping Resource

Mind-mapping is such a great way to work with ideas it is becoming mainstream. Most mind-mapping programs are software downloads. I have so much stuff already on my computer I didn’t want to download another program so I went in search of an alternative and found one – Mindmeister.com

Workshop Ideas

I get calls all the time from coaches and counselors asking which products would work best for a workshop they are creating. While it often depends on the market you are targeting and the topic at hand, there are two card decks that I refer people to alot because they are so adaptable to any setting.

Creative or innovative?

I had a conversation with a colleague a couple of years ago and he said creativity doesn’t sell. In another conversation more recently with my brother (an HR VP for a large company), it is clear that innovation does. So what the heck is the difference?

Priming the ‘creative idea’ pump

One of the best strategies I’ve found is simple – Go to the studio. Your “studio” might be your computer or your writing desk or a favorite coffee shop. It’s all about stepping into the realm of creating which is, in part, a state of mind, one that is receptive and open. Going to your ‘place’ tells the muse – hey I’m here, you can come visit now.