The Surprising Power of 20 Hours

I recently discovered this great TEDX talk by Josh Kaufman “The First 20 Hours – How To Learn anything”. What he shares is important to all of us interested in growing our businesses. Up-leveling your business often means new learning and new skill acquisition

Inviting In Qualities

I want to share a powerful grounding exercise that is useful before going into a situation where you want to be your best or that might be challenging. It is an adaptation of the Navajo “Beauty Before Me” prayer.
Choose 1-5 qualities you want to invite. To experience this now – choose qualities that will serve you in this moment. A quality might be integrity or playfulness or courage or respect or…..whatever you need to invite in.

Prospecting for Perspectives

Whether designing a business or working on a project, our thinking can sometimes get in a rut. If you are feeling the urge to drop everything and get away from the work – DO! Playing “hookey” can be good for business.

A Story of Integrity

Finally she got a break! A friend of a family member got her an interview at a local high end restaurant – in fact the best restaurant in her city. Sally had experience in the food industry, made a good impression and got the job as hostess. You would think that would be the happy ending of the story, right – persistence rewarded… but it isn’t.

A powerful legacy

The conscious living, conscious leaving project can be accessed at www.consciousleaving.com. Ilene’s commitment to learning and healing allows her to speak candidly about her failing body and her thoughts and feelings about her approaching death.