Emoticons – Perfect for EQ Work

EmoticonsEmoticons are an easy and popular way to express a feeling – even Facebook has embraced them. They make a perfect tool for anyone who works with emotional intelligence.

This great new deck called EmojiCARDS offer a fun way to play with emoticons in your group work and training programs. You can use these cards in a multitude of ways – as a processing tool, an icebreaker, a training initiative, or for just plain fun.The cards invite participants to engage in conversation about their emotions, feelings, or experiences.

The cards cover a wide range of emotions an individual may experience and range from silly, happy, sad, enraged, confused, and even embarrassed.

Here's an excerpt from the review of this product I wrote for choice, the magazine of professional coaching Vol 13 Issue 4

"Since “EQ” is thought to be one of the strongest contributors to success, it is important for coaches to engage the topic in meaningful ways.

Whether you tackle the topic head-on through training or weave it into other work you do, the emojiCARD decks will make it easy…… it is so much easier to look at an emoticon and say yes, that’s frustration, that’s eager, that’s bored, that’s cool as a cucumber and that’s definitely a “gotcha” face.

"Coaching" happens via questions that facilitate exploration of the chosen card."

The deck is fun, accessible and a great addition to your tool box.

Learn More Here: EmojiCARDS

Great Tools for Visioning!

3ef4db923cab4acdb8efe064d62dd8e2Visioning is an important part of getting what you want and achieving dreams and goals. Here are a couple of very fun tools to make your visioning come alive.
Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit
This sweet package walks you through a process to make a pocket-sized vision board. Your collage book will be a visual affirmation of your values, goals and dreams. Also comes with a link to a 20 minute guided visualization and video demo.  Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit
Dream Card Game
Dreams Do Come True. Discover the magic of playing with this versatile & powerful deck.  This set of 56 cards will help uncover and claim your secret inner desires and inspire you to take your life to a new level. do you want to own a Lexus or direct a play? How about climbing a mountain or having your own cooking show? This a great deck to use with a group of friends and get you all dreaming a bit bigger!  Dream Card Game

Conversation Sparker Cards™

UnnamedOpen-ended questions and visual images are two really fast ways to introduce new stimulus into a conversation and open the door to new perspectives, new ideas and new insights.
The Conversations Sparker Cards™ use both. Of the 70 cards in the deck about 30% feature questions, the rest are visual images like the ones on the left. Use just the questions, just the images or mix them up and see what happens. 
I just drew a random question: "Whats the priority?" and a random image: a view through window panes to a tree in soft focus. 
What jumps out at me in this moment is how the window panes break up the background image and obscure the whole – the message here is to shift my focus from the individual details and re-focus on the big picture.  WOW. I didn't really know what I would get – and this was perfect.  It really is that easy to access a new perspective or insight using tools like this.



Awesome Good-Will Event

Linda Claire Puig and Kim Clausen have kicked off their 7th annual Done 4 You Giveaway event where more than 50 of your friends, colleagues and mentors, collectively give away actual DONE-FOR-YOU products and services –all to help make doing business easier. That's done-for-you, as in things you don't have to create or do yourself.
Here's just a sampling of all the great stuff:
  • Brand identity + website design
  • Copy writing Sales scripts
  • Custom Facebook ads
  • Logo design
  • Promotional emails
  • Ready2Go articles
  • TV interview
  • Custom product launch plan
  • Ready2Go teleseminars
  • JV pitch
  • makeover
  • Opt-in gift creation
  • And much, MUCH more!
Have fun perusing more that 50+ products and services and select the ones that can benefit you most. It goes through June 8.

May 2015 Special Of The Month – A Career Power-House

Career 3 packIf you are a career coach or are dealing with a job transition or know someone who is – The Career 3 Pack offers the kind of  powerful support, strategies and guidance you need to be successful. 
Never fret about an interview again - Acing the Interviewgives you all the "killer" questions you might be asked and how to create responses that will get you hired.
Not sure what you want to do next? The Career Success Discovery Cards give you 50 practical strategies to uncover skills, explore career options and find the best fit.
Not sure where to start with your job search?  Beyond The Résumé Strategy Cards offer 25 creative job search strategies and how to communicate in a competitive economy. 
The 3 Pack is a power-house! And it's our Special of the Month! 
Purchase Here: Career 3 Pack

Not to Be Missed – World Business and Executive Coach Summit

WbecsIf you haven't yet signed up for the online World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) – Do!

Last year was awesome and this year they have another super lineup you'll likely be interested in. I've also heard that sessions are reaching capacity quickly. 




The speakers include:
  •       Marshall Goldsmith-Global Thinkers, 50 award winner.
  •       Ken Blanchard-Business & Leadership thought leader.
  •       Carol Kauffman-CEO of Harvard Institute of Coaching.
  •       Judith Glaser-Conversation Intelligence guru.
  •       Liz Wiseman-Mulitplier Leaderships & Thinkers, 50 award winner.
  •       Mark Thompson-CEO of Virgin Unite and Richard Branson's coach.
  •       David Peterson-Global Head of Leadership & Development at Google.
  •       Jim Kouzes-Leadership guru.
  •       Jim Clifton-CEO of Gallup.
  •       Peter Cheese-CEO of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development
Each year the WBECS event offers a complimentary set of world class sessions you can attend online at your convenience. Pick the sessions that you most resonate with and that are most relevant to you right now. The value I have received each year has been excellent and well worth the time invested.

Here is the link where you can register: WBECS
I hope you are able to join at least a few of the sessions during May!