Top 20 Creative Resources for Play, Productivity & Well-Being

I’m excited to say I found lots of great new resources for you including a few cool apps.
Each resource listed has a description and a link.
You will find a broad range of resources: creative inspiration for workshops, powerful assessments, productivity tools, mindfulness and well-being resources, plenty of inspiration, and even a few that will simply make you smile and invite you to play.

Birthing Creative Projects

Imagine turning your gifts and wisdom into a visible form that can be out there working for you and touching more lives than you can by yourself. The Creativity in Motion Group program is designed to help you birth a creative project of your choice…. The 5 months will be filled with helpful content, the support of like-minded women, powerful master mind sessions, resources and how-to guidance. It all culminates in a co-promoted launch party. Nothing like a deadline to insure completion!