Top 20 Creative Resources for Play, Productivity & Well-Being

It's Finally Here – The Brand New Updated Top 20 Creative Resources Report
I think you will love the fresh, newly updated, Top 20 Resources Report!
I'm excited to say I found lots of great new resources for you including a few cool apps.
Each resource listed has a description and a link.
You will find a broad range of resources:
  • Creative inspiration for  workshops
  • Powerful assessments
  • Productivity tools
  • Mindfulness and well-being resources
  • Plenty of inspiration
  • And even a few that will simply make you smile and invite you to play.
All of the resources are in service of your well-being and success – personally and professionally.
Not only are these great resources for  you personally, they are awesome resources for clients. It's so nice to have these types of resources readily available in one place. 
I made it super easy to access a link to a specific resource quickly.  The table of contents has a quick link feature for each resource. You don't have to scroll through the whole report to find a fav.
You can get your free copy here: Top 20 Creative Resources & Apps on the Web
I'd love your feedback on this collection and if you have a favorite resource I missed-please share!

Diving Deep With Clients


The pairing of an expressive medium like collage with the concept of inner "mapping" can pave the way for powerful insights and transformation. This is what makes the JourneyCircles™ Creative Mapping Kit so much more than a "Kit". It really is a process for deep personal exploration.
New perspectives, new awareness, new insight translate into more possibilities and choices for your clients (and yourself). JourneyCircles™ can easily facilitate depth work.
How to use JourneyCircles™- Individual Work with clients 

Lets' take just ONE of the Seven Transformation Card Templates - AWAKEN Your Authentic Truth

Imagine holding the question with your client over a period of time - What is it to awaken to your own authentic truth?
Invite your client to create a collage on the Awaken Your Authentic Truth Template.
As your client holds this inquiry and explores it through imagery, a wealth of new insights and connections will emerge.  
As coach or therapist you have an opportunity to deepen and expand on what shows up. Explore with your client the images, the meaning they attach to them and the energy present when they share their collage.  Trust your coaching/counseling instincts and follow the clients lead. You will have rich and wonderful material to work with.
Group Work
Any one of the seven Transformation Cards could be the focus of a group process or even a day long workshop. Imagine a day long focus on Awaken Your Authentic Truth or Ignite Your Creative Fire. 
If it's a group coaching program or a therapy group, a collage is always a great group activity or homework suggestion. Choose from the Transformation Cards mentioned above or choose the Spectrum Cards which are intended to capture personal stories and explore themes of light and shadow.  You can also invite participants to choose the template that speaks to them. 
Whether participants create the collage in the group or privately, sharing a collage in a group offers powerful stimulus for discussion and learning for everyone. Images tap into more than conversation alone does. 
Whether you are a coach or a therapist, JourneyCircles™ Creative Mapping Kit can have a profound impact on your groups and individual work. 
What comes in the package
The JourneyCircles™ Creative Mapping Kit provides templates and exercises that guide you to "unpack your stories" and
explore principles like authentic truth and sacred power. You are invited to explore "themes" in your life, explore shadow and light and find symbols that empower. 
10691178c107477ba65f270b3b238cc0It includes:  
  • One – JourneyCircles™ Guidebook
  • Twelve – Spiral Path Cards – 6”
  • Fourteen – Transformation Cards – 4”
  • Six – Spectrum Cards – 5 1/4 x 8 1/4”
  • Three – Compass Cards – 3”
  • all in a JourneyCircles™ Mini Tote
Purchase a kit (or several) today!

Birthing Creative Projects

Calling all women!

Your voice, your wisdom and your gifts are needed in the world!

Imagine turning your gifts and wisdom into a visible form that can be out there working for you and touching more lives than you can by yourself. The Creativity in Motion Group program is designed to help you birth a creative project of your choice. One that embodies your deep knowing and authentic power. It can take the form of a product, a book, a program, a process, a retreat, a new brand, even a movement – whatever gets you excited and that will move you and your business to the next level.


The 5 months will be filled with helpful content, the support of like-minded women and a product mentor, powerful master mind sessions, resources and how-to guidance. It all culminates in a co-promoted launch party. Nothing like a deadline to insure completion!


I'd love to have you join us. The next group starts Sept 21st and early bird pricing is currently in play.

You can learn more here: Creativity in Motion

Creating Irresistible Products

I’ve got a great new Tele-Seminar offering coming up next week on

Feb 7

Research Basics or How to Create An Irresistible Product

With myself and a very talented guest expert, Judith Sult

Don’t you love that word Irresistible

Irresistible ‘impossible to resist, having an overpowering appeal’
In other words, a product that sells like hot cakes, a product
retailers want to stock and a product media mavens like Oprah
want to feature.

So what would it be like to create with irresistible in mind?

I believe that one of the best ways to create something irresistible is to know your market, your audience. When you know important things like; what your market wants, how they want it packaged and what they will pay for it, you’ve got a much better shot at hitting the mark.One of the best ways to get that information is through – you guessed it, market research.

I know many of you creative types hear the words market research and want to run screaming in the opposite direction – yikes – it’s too hard, it’s boring, it will stop the creative flow, it will interrupt momentum.

Try thinking of it this way – it’s all about doing the two-step with market research as your partner in a creative dance. Already sounds more fun doesn’t it? The truth is, the right information is invaluable and can increase your potential for success.

But where do you start? where do you find the right information? I had some of the same questions. thats why I went in search of a market research expert and created this tele-seminar,

I found her. Judith Sult from Here’s How Marketing has agreed to spill the beans on all the right ‘how to’s when it comes to market research and she promises to make it fun!

It is our intention to shift some of those old perspectives, blast away any lingering fears you have about research and invite your full creative and curious selves to try on this research hat. We will shed light on the little known fact  that market research can be easy and fun! It can be an integral and exciting partner in the creative process.

We have a jam packed hour planned, filled with information and tools you can use immediately as you develop your own product ideas and plan your marketing strategies.

Join us for this info-packed 1 hour Tele-seminar- only $37.

Market Research Basics or How To Create An Irresistible Product
With Marcy Nelson-Garrison and Guest Expert Judith Sult

Wednesday February 7
1pm ET, noon CT, 11am MT, 10am PT
Don’t worry if you can’t make the scheduled time,
registered participants will get access to an MP3 recording of the call.

Sign Up Here

I really think this will be one of the best and most informative sessions in the Passion to Product series – For more information, read on