Roller Derby, Sky Diving & Skinny Dipping – Getting out of the box

When was the last time you challenged a client or yourself to really step outside of your comfort zone? Not just a tiny strectch but a really big, out of the box leap – something you have never done before, something that scares the bejebees out of you?
A recent Oprah show did when they led a group of women whose confidence had been under seige on an out of the box journey.

Remembering your own intentions

New habits, shifts in thinking or behavior take focus and frankly – reminding, to break the default grove. There are a lot of fun ways to remind yourself; wear a wrist band with a message, put up post it notes, add a reminder to your screen saver. If you are like me – any given structure lasts about 2-3 weeks and then I don’t notice it any more – I’m always on the lookout for new ways to remind and inspire myself.

Shift limiting beliefs effortlessly

The One Command is a deep and simple meditation technique to help shift limiting beliefs and allow manifestation….I’ve posted an interview I conducted with coach and theta healer Michele Bergh who explains it all clearly and guides you through an experience of it.