Cool Coaching Demonstrations Online

The Free Tools Project  – part of Book Boom Go, is an awesome resource for anyone wanting to refresh and hone their coaching skills. The site features free coaching demo’s by master coaches and leaders in the profession. Each interview/demo segment is about 20 minutes. What a great idea!
Here are several examples:
Help Stressed Clients Reset Their Brains – Ann Betz
Capture AHA Moments to Evoke Transformation – Lorry Schneider
The Disappointed Dream Behind A Complaint – Marita Fridjon
Using Body Wisdom to Build Confidence  – Sandra Richardson
Check it out here: Free Coaching Demonstrations

Collage Making Software – Cool!

 Collage ct products 1I found a great way to make collages on your computer with images you have on file.

It's called Picture Collage Maker and you will find it at www.picturecollagesoftware.com

The simple collage on the left was created with the free version  however the fee based versions have a LOT more tools and options to play with. There are a ton of templates, you can put picture frames around your images, choose from a varity of masks, play with color, backgrounds and shapes and add text or clip art.You can print your collage, email it and convert it to a jpeg.

There are so many ways to use Picture Collage Maker – here are a few:

1. Use for creating a vision board

2. Create a collage for each value that you want to honor (works for goals too). Artcollage1

3. Create a collection of images from an event to use on a thankyou card or newsletter follow-up

5. Create a customized calendar (there are some cool calendar templates)

6. Create a collage image for a blog post or maybe an ebook cover

7, Use for scrapbooking or greeting cards (templates for this too).

A creative outlet and great way to create coaching structures and reminders. It's fun and they offer a free 15 day trial on the fee based versions – FYI – you do get a watermark on the free trial version.

A new updated MindMeister

Logo_header Mind Maps are a great way to think through ideas, brainstorm new ones and create plans to move them forward.  Having cool online tools like MindMeister makes it very easy.


MindMeister has been around for awhile but they have just launched a new and improved version. 


They have updated the visuals, you can now share your mindmap via email and twitter, it's easier to use and there are more templates. One of the cool features of Mindmeister is that it can be used collaboratively. Depending on the package you get, you can have a team working on the same mindmap in real time. Mindmeister is now also available for the ipad, iphone and android platforms.  Very cool.


Check it out: www.mindmeister.com

Girlphyte – Webzine for Women

There is a great new webzine for women called girlphyte.com.
It’s all about women helping women and redefining success. It’s packed with
interesting articles, and resources on every topic imaginable. You can even
find an article by yours truly. It’s called Playing For Success  Not only is it a fun site to visit – I would encourage the solo-preneurs out there to explore  opportunities to write an article for them while they are  still new.


Postage stamp marketing

I rarely go for the plain old postage stamps. I like the process of choosing something unique. What cause or message do I want to champion, what colors am drawn to. I’m often disappointed with my choices so when I learned from an artist friend of mine that you can create your own stamps at stamps.com, I had to go check it out.

It’s true!  You can add a photo of your choice to a 39 cent stamp. I could put the image posted here on a stamp. What a cool way to market just about anything; an idea or message, your art, your logo, a new product. You could use stamps to spread joy or shift the dominant paradigm or….

Go to www.stamps.com, click on the green tab that says photo stamps and experiment!

I’d love to hear about ideas you come up with.