There’s a wonderful German word, Losgelassenheit, that describes the motion of a horse when it relaxes and trusts its rider so absolutely that their movement becomes a joyful, fluid dance.

Do Your Clients Feel Cherished?

With today’s dependence on email and digital engagement, getting something in the mail is a rare and beautiful thing. The element of surprise makes getting the gift all that more delicious. That type of heart-felt, meaningful gift builds relationship, makes your...

Inviting Shadow & Mystery

The image on the left is from a card deck called Fertile Ground. The images in the deck explore light and shadow and mystery. I find them richly provocative. Take some time with the reflective exercise below. The shadow and the mystery can hold surprises and open doors.

Creative Planning Resource: Doodle-Art-Alley

Creative Planning Resource
I found this fun page at a web site called Doodle-Art-Alley. The pages that caught my attention are calendar pages. Instead of just staring at your daily planner – print out a calendar page and color while setting a timeline for goals or plotting out writing or creative time.

The Myth About “Creative Time”

Creativity is essential to creating products, writing books and growing a business and there is a common misconception around it.   Here’s something I hear all the time: “Creativity requires a big block of time and I just don’t have it. “   This is a myth!...