Add Creative Flair to Your Planning

Adding color and visuals makes planning more fun.
Here are two fun sources for free printables to use with your planner or journal.
Both offer a variety of free sheets that you can download and print out. Then it's cut and paste. I use adhesive sheets for that. You can back your 8 1/2 x 11 downloaded page with it then cut out what you want, peel off the barrier paper and stick it in your journal or calendar.
Have FUN!



Love this quote by Oprah.

"There's a wonderful German word, Losgelassenheit, that describes the motion of a horse when it relaxes and trusts its rider so absolutely that their movement becomes a joyful, fluid dance. We can clench our way through an adequate life, but only Losgelassenheit produces greatness. Living fully requires a return to the looseness that predates our first breath to an untroubled trust that we are supported by a universe that has no interest in hurting us, only in teaching us to dance."  
~ O, The Oprah Magazine, July 2015


About the Art
Jylian Gustlin
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Do Your Clients Feel Cherished?

GiftWith today’s dependence on email and digital engagement, getting something in the mail is a rare and beautiful thing. The element of surprise makes getting the gift all that more delicious. That type of heart-felt, meaningful gift builds relationship, makes your colleague, friend or client feel valued and to be honest, giving feels good!

Whether it’s a gift that says you are doing great, one that fuels creativity or one that offers support for a current challenge, it will be cherished coming from you. I'll never forget the impact of a simple gift from my first coach. It touched my heart deeply and was powerful in part because of the surprise element – it was totally unexpected.

We are coming into the traditional season of giving and whether you give holiday gifts to clients or save them up for just the 'right' moment, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

If the holidays are challenging for your client, The Appreciation Board might be just the perfect structure to get them through the holiday. It's a great visual structure for "homework" For example, invite them to write down something they appreciate each day during the holidays, or something they appreciate about themselves each day. Of course if you send this off to a client, be sure to include something you appreciate about them with the gift.

How about an awesome journaling tool that honors your client’s creativity and gives them a structure for exploring new territory. Punctum is a perfect choice. Add an extra touch by choosing a card that represents something about them that you admire and include a note that elaborates. It's that extra touch that will make this gift from you even more special.

There are gifts you give at the holiday and there are gifts you can give anytime. Q? Basics Open-Ended Questions deck makes a perfect completion gift for clients. The simple questions and clearly defined suits allow them to easily self-coach. They will remember their growth with you each time they use the deck.

Do you have a client that needs a message of encouragement or celebration? Take a look at the fun iZoar mouse pads. They bring a sense of whimsy and delight to the growth journey with messages like: "It takes courage to be happy". The message is right there every day to cheer them on.

How would you like to surprise and delight your clients?

Inviting Shadow & Mystery

The image on the left is from a card deck called Fertile Ground. The images in the deck explore light and shadow and mystery. I find them richly provocative. Take some time with the reflective exercise below. The shadow and the mystery can hold surprises and open doors.
Take a moment and reflect on a current challenge or concern in your life or business.
Now use the image on the left as a spring board.
What emotions show up as you look at the image?
What associations come to mind?
What part of the image calls to you?
If that part of the image could speak to you, what would it say?
If the image were a book cover – what would the title of the book be?
Reflecting back to your initial challenge – what answer(or question) does this card give you?
Take some time with this. Come back to it later and ask again. I'd love to hear the impact the card has for you!
If you would like your own Fertile Ground Card Deck you can get it here: Fertile Ground

Creative Planning Resource: Doodle-Art-Alley

Creative Planning
I found this fun page at a web site called Doodle-Art-Alley. The pages that caught my attention are calendar pages. Instead of just staring at your daily planner – print out a calendar page and color while setting a timeline for goals or plotting out writing or creative time. 
For those who just like to color – or have kids who do, there are all sorts of coloring pages you can download.
Check it out here: Fun Calendar Pages
If you like resources like this, check out our free download – Top 20 Creative Resources for Creative Play, Productivity and Well-Being.


The Myth About “Creative Time”

CreativeCreativity is essential to creating products, writing books and growing a business and there is a common misconception around it.
Here’s something I hear all the time:
“Creativity requires a big block of time and I just don’t have it. “
This is a myth!
You do need to commit time to the creative process but you do not need a BIG block of time ( a full day, weekend or even a sabbatical)
There are a couple of important discoveries coming out of  the field of neuroscience about “flow” that give us a map of whats needed.  Flow is that feeling of being in the zone, totally focused and in which time slows down. In this state,  being and doing kind of merge.
These three research findings are important for us: 
Creativity jumps 500%-700% when you are in a “flow” state  or in the “zone”.  
The impact of being in a flow state (I'm talking brain chemistry here) lingers for 3-5 days.
A 3 hour work cycle is optimum for “flow” to be experienced.
The map
If you want to devote time to a creative project this summer (a perfect time for creating by the way) here is what I would recommend in terms of time commitment.
Schedule 3 hour work sessions. Make sure this is uninterrupted time. The goal is intense, focused work on ONE creative project that is important to you. This will set the stage for getting into a “flow” state.
Schedule additional short sessions to work on your project (30-60 minutes). These smaller chunks of time will capitalize on the lingering effects of the “flow” state. By connecting to your project frequently (daily is ideal) you don’t waste time getting re-acquainted with your project. It will stay fresh.
Working on your project consistently keeps the intuitive, creative juices flowing when you are at rest and doing other things. Don’t be surprised if ideas show up unexpectedly.
To recap – the key to getting your product or program done is not a single BIG block of time but 3 hour blocks of time in a flow state followed by consistent short chunks of time engaged with your project.
Besides the fact that flow states are addictive, the flow state also silences the inner critic! That alone is a great reason to to carve out that 3 hours of uninterrupted focused work time.
Now go get your planner and schedule some "flow" time. There are products and programs for you to create that no one else can!
If your "flow" time is focused on product development and you get stalled by "how to" questions, check out the Product Creation Success Kit. This is a free program that answers the top 10 product development questions.