RobinThere is a lot going on "behind the scenes" at Coaching Toys. I've been shopping for a new cart to make the buying experience better and landed on the perfect solution. We are very excited to begin implementing changes – it will take a while so I will keep you posted.

We have also added a new member to our team.
I'm so excited to welcome Robin Albright. You will be getting to know her through the Coaching Toys Newsletter while I focus on those "behind the scenes" details.

Robin is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach working primarily with artists, musicians and creative entrepreneurs. She also has buckets of retail expertise which we will be taking full advantage of. Her joyful enthusiasm and creative flair are a perfect fit Coaching Toys!
To learn more about Robin visit www.ZingerZanger.com

Robin's first newsletter for us goes out today. Take a moment to say Hi!