Self-compassion is at the core of self-esteem.

Sometimes we have self-compassion in some areas of life and not in others. Even more typical, we have great compassion for others but not so much for ourselves. Kristin Neff offers full permission to bring that same open-heartedness to ourselves and remember that making mistakes, failing, having something go wrong is part of the human experience.  Self-compassion is a worthy muscle to build and the key to feeling genuinely good about ourselves.

Dr Kristin Neff has authored books on the subject and has a TEDX talk. She created an online inventory that you can access for free to find out how you rate on the self-compassion scale.  This is a great starting place and there are many resources on her website to build from there.

What a great resource for yourself and your clients.

You can take the self-compassion inventory here: Self-Compassion