GiftWith today’s dependence on email and digital engagement, getting something in the mail is a rare and beautiful thing. The element of surprise makes getting the gift all that more delicious. That type of heart-felt, meaningful gift builds relationship, makes your colleague, friend or client feel valued and to be honest, giving feels good!

Whether it’s a gift that says you are doing great, one that fuels creativity or one that offers support for a current challenge, it will be cherished coming from you. I'll never forget the impact of a simple gift from my first coach. It touched my heart deeply and was powerful in part because of the surprise element – it was totally unexpected.

We are coming into the traditional season of giving and whether you give holiday gifts to clients or save them up for just the 'right' moment, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

If the holidays are challenging for your client, The Appreciation Board might be just the perfect structure to get them through the holiday. It's a great visual structure for "homework" For example, invite them to write down something they appreciate each day during the holidays, or something they appreciate about themselves each day. Of course if you send this off to a client, be sure to include something you appreciate about them with the gift.

How about an awesome journaling tool that honors your client’s creativity and gives them a structure for exploring new territory. Punctum is a perfect choice. Add an extra touch by choosing a card that represents something about them that you admire and include a note that elaborates. It's that extra touch that will make this gift from you even more special.

There are gifts you give at the holiday and there are gifts you can give anytime. Q? Basics Open-Ended Questions deck makes a perfect completion gift for clients. The simple questions and clearly defined suits allow them to easily self-coach. They will remember their growth with you each time they use the deck.

Do you have a client that needs a message of encouragement or celebration? Take a look at the fun iZoar mouse pads. They bring a sense of whimsy and delight to the growth journey with messages like: "It takes courage to be happy". The message is right there every day to cheer them on.

How would you like to surprise and delight your clients?