Michael Michalko, the author of Thinkertoys, has developed proven methods for brainstorming and then evaluating ideas. You don’t want to bring in the evaluating hat too early in the process but when you are ready – this Eight Factors process by Michalko can help you decide which idea to pursue.

Eight Factors

Ask the following eight questions about each idea, awarding points according to the range indicated. On question 1, for example, a score of 0 means you cant communicate the idea at all, while a score of 20 means you can communicate the idea with ease.  Ideas scoring 50+ points are likely to have great merit.

1. Can I communicate the idea completely and clearly? (0-20 points)
2. How much interest do I have in this idea? (0-20 points)
3. How good is my opportunity for implementing it? (0-20 points)
4. How good is the ideas timing? (0-5 points)
5. Do I have the skills to implement this idea? (0-10 points)
6. Would following through on this be a good application of my personal strengths? (o-10 points)
7. Does this idea have good competitive advantages? (0-5 points)
8. How unique is this idea? (0-10 points)

How did you do? Do you have a winner?