Whether it’s the global crisis, family stress or way too much on your to-do list, sometimes we just get bogged down. Our energy flattens, worry loops start cycling and everything feels hard. In those moments, it’s hard to find joy.

It happens to us all and it’s good to have some tools in your back pocket to pull you back to your natural, resilient self. This is important because trying to manifest the business of your dreams from flat, bogged-down energy, just isn’t going to work.

Once you notice you are a mess and want something different, here’s a three-step process that will help.

1. Get out of your head.
Your mind is whirring away with worry and judgement. Your first step is to get out of your head – that’s where all that gunk lives. Anything that will pause the constant chatter is good. You can focus on your breathing for 5-10 minutes, go put on some music and dance, play with a toddler, work in your garden, make some art or anything that gets you into a different headspace. It’s about moving from survival brain to the generative, intuitive part of the brain.

2. Actively go in search of joy
The only thing you need to feel happy is appreciation and gratitude. That’s what fuels joy. There are a few ways to do this; sit down and make a list of what you are grateful for, think about things or people you appreciate, make a collage of things that make you happy, or my favorite – get your smart phone out and take pictures of everything that makes you smile. For me, this one activates the artist part of my brain and gets me fully engaged.

3. Tune into inspiration
Once you’ve given yourself this kind of a break, come back to the situation that had you bogged down. From this new refreshed headspace, tune into what you feel inspired to tackle – and do that.

This is something you can do whenever you feel bogged down and disconnected from joy. For those familiar with the Positive Intelligence work, what this does is interrupt your Saboteurs and help you connect to Sage mind. The more you practice, the easier it gets.