Frameperson Today’s Sparker is from Reframe the View by Christie Latona
Using the power of metaphor to reframe what’s limiting you and to discover what’s possible.


It was a dark rainy morning and I was on my way to the airport (again)! In spite of the rain, traffic had been moving nicely. Suddenly all three lanes of traffic slowed significantly. Immediately I came up with some hypotheses: someone saw a police officer, there was a deer in the road, or rubbernecking. With each hypothesis came a different emotion: a feeling of anxiety with the police (I don’t travel in the fast lane just for show), concern with the deer, and disgust with the rubbernecking. These feelings came so fast I barely noticed what hypotheses came with them. They also seemed to be occurring simultaneously, like the three lanes of traffic.

Then I noticed a big rig with its flashers on, straddling two of the three lanes. What was the trucker doing/thinking?!?!?! It wasn’t until about 30 seconds later that I understood that the trucker had done a smart and helpful act. A van had blown out its tire and the vehicle was barely under control. By the trucker stopping traffic in the other lanes he had given the driver of the van a safety buffer. In doing so, the trucker prevented a multi-car pile up AND helped traffic resume its pleasant pace.

The visual image of that truck has become a metaphor I use with myself and groups with which I work. As an entrepreneurial type, I often need to put a truck in front of streams of my internal traffic (emotions and/or ideas) that are interfering with the task at hand. When facilitating groups I often must choose which lanes to block so that a constructive flow of ideas can take place.

I invite you to put on your helicopter traffic reporter hat. Looking down at the roadway of your thoughts and feelings, how easily is traffic moving? From this vantage point, what is your recommendation for getting all your ideas and feelings unstuck and moving?

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