Sparkerfilling This week’s creative spark is from Filling The Well, Spirited Nourishment for Creative Trailblazers, Simple Ways to Sprinkle a Little Soul Into Your Daily Life by Suzanne Vadnais Monson

Follow the Clues

When we really want to do something, it’s easy to get it done. We have lots of energy and enthusiasm driving us toward our goal. And when we don’t want to do something, it can seem like we’re dragging a 10 ton weight around with us. I recently discovered that the clues to finding our ways to succeed are all around us.

I’ve been working with a client for a little over six months who is looking for ways to balance creative expression and wellness with a demanding career. One of Maggie’s goals is to lose 20 pounds. We have explored a number of diet and exercise options with less than exciting results. In six months of diligent healthy eating and daily exercise, Maggie had only lost 8 pounds.

While noting that her energy level was better, and she was sleeping through the night consistently for the first time in years, Maggie was still disappointed. In a session where we explored past successes with weight loss, Maggie said she’d loved belonging to a gym. It had been over 15 years since she’d even visited a gym. She had a lot of preconceived ideas about what kinds of options gyms offered, but no current factual information. I gave Maggie the assignment of researching gyms before our next session.

I was stunned at the excitement that oozed out of Maggie as she bounded in the door three weeks later. She’d found a gym, a 24 hour facility she could use when it worked for her, at a fraction of the cost she’d spent on a club membership 15 years ago. In the time that had passed since our last meeting she had lost an additional five pounds and was beaming. “I jump out of bed every morning at 4am jazzed to get started because I know I get to start my day doing something I love!” The gym Maggie has joined offers elliptical machines and incline treadmills along with a full assortment of free weights and Nautilus equipment. Maggie is in heaven.

I could give countless examples of similar breakthroughs I’ve experienced. We are often standing directly in the path of what would most help us refusing to budge. What are you struggling with that could use a fresh infusion of excitement? Try tapping in to your inner wisdom by asking yourself some questions and writing down the first thing that comes to mind. Follow the clues to your method for success.

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