A Humble Beginnings Sparker by Melanie Keveles

How DID they start? Big success can come from amazingly humble
beginnings. May their evolution to success inspire you to start your
special dream … now!

Inspired Decorating

Intrigued by the beautiful and inspirational possibilities of decorative lettering, Inger Erickson, a professional graphic designer and owner of a successful design company, started Uppercase Living from her home with her friend Stephanie Geisler, a professional writer and trainer.  Their company takes inspirational words and phrases and creates lettering with fonts of many shapes and sizes that can be adhered to the walls of any rooms in a house or  office without permanently damaging the walls.  The lettering can be peeled off easily and transferred to another area as needed.

As a result, people have more options for decorating the space around them with words and  images that are unique and individual.  Move over paintings, photographs and wall hangings,  here comes words and phrases to inspire you!

Uppercase Living has rapidly become the leading provider of decorative lettering for homes  and is now one of the fastest growing party-plan companies in the industry. What started as  a dream for two talented friends has now become a reality.

What unique business can emerge from the combined talents of you and your friends?

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