This week’s creative spark is from The Creative Journey, An adventure in self-discovery and healing through art and play by Barb Kobe

Your Inner Financial Advisor

One day, after a difficult encounter with my check-book, I decided there must be a creative, fun way of welcoming this money energy; of reframing my experience and opening to it instead of building walls of resistance around it. I wondered that if there was a part of me that loved money and who she would be. I imagined that this person would be rich and very intelligent; I gave her the name Felicia. Her last name represented how I wanted to act and think when I worked with money..shrewd. Felicia Shrewd became my inner financial advisor.

When I took on the persona of Felicia Shrewd, I sat up taller and felt centered and calm while dealing with money. She asked me how I might perceive this situation as an opportunity. She invited me to see the possibilities, be curious about money and most important to see what I could learn while playing with numbers. My creative enactment eventually helped to create a shift my ways of dealing with money.

Think about your relationship with money. Identify all the ways you are resisting participation with it. Then list all the ways you want to be instead of the resistant you. Think of names of people whose behavior models how you want to think and behave and pick a first name. Then connect with a quality of this inner advisor that will motivate you to take risks, challenge your attitudes and facilitate you playing with possibilities. This will be your last name. Say the name of your inner advisor out loud three times. Call a friend or two and introduce yourself as your inner advisor. Find pictures in magazines that represent him or her and make a collage of them and all the qualities your inner advisor invites you to own and play with. Playing with this can take you to new places in your relationship with yourself.

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