This weeks Friday Spark is from Journaling the Journey – Meeting Yourself on the Page with a Writing Practice by Deb Cooperman

If you write, you’ve probably experienced times when it’s hard to get going. Even if you’ve read all my Friday Spark offerings, you might still get stuck. (not that i can relate to such a thing.) (alright, ok … i confess: this column is inspired by my own recent experience of being in a stuck-rut …)

              During my recent rut, I spent time with a friend who had just returned from a vacation, and while showing off her photos, she’d stop at each one to say what was happening when it was taken … and remembered that old Rod Stewart song: Every Picture Tells a Story

              And it does.

              So here’s what you do to get some photo inspiration:

              Open a photo album … or just imagine a photo … it could be of 
you; it could be of family or a friend. It could be from a magazine… a photo of someone you don’t even know. Just take a deep breath 
and see what images float to the surface – don’t try too hard – and once you’ve got a picture in your head, use this line to start and just see where it takes you: In this picture …

              (trust me, it’ll tell a story …)

              … and enjoy revealing yourself on the page.



Note: I’m
going to post one of my “picture stories” in the comments section below
(just click on the word “comments” at the bottom of this post to see
it) and I invite interested writers to play along too. Post your efforts in the comments section, or on your own blog and then link to this post.

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