000sideexpand As I dip my toe into the blogosphere for the first time, I am excited about the possibilities. Since the Coachingoys.com web site first went online in 2003 it has been a labor of love. I love creative tools and processes for their impact, for
their ability to slip past the analytical guard dogs in our brain and wake up
something that needs awakening. I love innovative ideas, thought provoking inspiration and experiential activities that can spark new perspectives and action.  And I love helping people get their product and creative business ideas off the ground.

My goal is for ALL of that to come together in this blog. It’s an opportunity for spontaneity, conversation and feedback. One of the exciting things planned will be the FRIDAY SPARK – each week we will post a new Sparker from the Coaching Toys sparker team. These are fun, creative, often thought provoking prompts and exercises to spark your journey.

I’m a big fan of accessing intuition through creative tools, so to kick off this first time blogging experience I thought I would draw a card from one of my favorite decks of cards – today it’s the enrichuals cards 

I drew this; Put a name On It: Make It yours.

It tells me that "Naming is a process by which we claim something as our own. Perform a simple ceremony to declare your intentions for your creative space and give it a name….there is more, but at the end it says – "visit your space often"

Claiming something as my own. Powerful words given that I have spent much of the day visiting other blogs to see how to do it "right". Oh, yah, I do get to put my own stamp on this and invite play and creativity to the party. It’s so easy to forget that when you are learning something new.

Where do you need to do some claiming?