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Creating AHA Moments 1 & 2

You are going to love the 24 easy and powerful exercises you will find in these 2 ebooks. Bringing in right-brain exercises will give your clients more breakthrough  moments and your group work will be powerful and memorable!

10 Ways to Profit from a Card Deck Infographic.  

A card deck can be designed to guide, teach, inspire, motivate, prompt, challenge or explore and can easily be adapted to your expertise and wisdom. In this Info-graphic I share 10 ways you can profit from creating a card deck and stories that illustrate exactly how each one could work for you. 

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Marcy Nelson-Garrison, MA is a product mentor, certified professional co-active coach, a visual artist and the founder of the Coaching Toys online store.  The store features innovative toys, tools and books for personal development, workshops, training events, team building, 1:1 work with clients, retreats and more. The majority of our products are created by coaches, counselors, trainers and healers.

Coaching since 1999, Marcy brings her extensive product knowledge and passion for creativity to helping heart-centered professionals and authors create products and programs that transform lives. She believes in the power of products to expand your message, attract more clients and generate more revenue – without you spending a ton more time! You can learn more at her websites 

www.pinkparadigm.com and www.coachingtoysstore.com