There are two scenarios that beg for an up-level.

1. You’ve reached a plateau in your business and things just aren’t changing no matter what you do
2.You’ve set a really big goal for yourself and your business and your current systems and offers don’t support that type of leap.

An up-level generally requires a stretch of some sort – which can be both scary and exhilarating. An up-level can also mean more recognition, credibility, visibility and money. All good reasons to consider up-leveling your biz.

There are three areas to look at when considering up-leveling your business: Systems, Pricing and Mindset.


By systems I mean two things. The technical elements, like your website, platforms and automation. And the support team you need to help you implement your vision.

Technical up-leveling often happens in stages. Take a look now and see if your current website, email provider, online course platform and ability to automate are serving your needs now and if you were to grow.

A colleague recently was struggling to create opt in pages via her newsletter service and there were so many limitations she just couldn’t get it to reflect the quality of her programs. Once she up-leveled the page building platform, her opt ins increased 600%. The truth is, outdated systems or small thinking approaches can cost you your dream.

The second part of this is building a team. Hiring people who can implement your vision, build those pages and do those things that take you hours to figure out. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is often someone’s first up-level. I remember way back when I hired my first VA. I was blown away by how much and how fast she could get stuff done. It freed me to do the things I’m best at. It will you too. And you can add more people as you go.


Periodically it’s important to review your offers and see if they are still aligned with who you are becoming.  As we spend time in business our experience grows, our name recognition grows and if our prices don’t grow along with us – it will start to undermine our position.

Are you giving too much for too little? Are you bringing in enough to hire that Virtual Assistant?  Maybe it’s time to give yourself a raise.

Another way to up-level pricing is to create high-end offers.  High-end offers include things like a VIP day or a high-end mastermind. It could be a transformational retreat or even a VIP upsell on a current group program.

Creating a high-end offer is a really interesting stretch for many. As you create a high-end offer you may find you have to change your fees for one-on one work. That private work needs to be priced 2-4 times higher than your high-end program. I’m currently playing in this arena and trying on pricing for a not yet designed high-end mastermind. It will mean at least doubling my current rates for private mentoring – aahh, there is the stretch!


Up-leveling your business, whether small steps or big leaps requires you to trust. Trust yourself. Trust that you will do what it takes to succeed. Trust that you are indeed worthy of having more help, more income, more time off and fun.

The saboteurs will show up. They always show up when we stretch into new territory and they whisper lots of lies in your ear.  Your higher self knows the truth. You are absolutely worthy of whatever you can dream.

Treat yourself with loving compassion and encouragement. You can grow your business and you can grow yourself to meet the new visions and new challenges.