Intentional Collage

Right-brain processes offer so many ways to bypass the left brain censor and access intuition. One of my favorites is to create a collage.

Images tap into our sub-conscious differently than words do and can unlock a flood of insight and guidance.

There are so many ways to use collage as a self-discovery practice.

The best way to start is to set an intention. I like to create a collage with a theme or a question in mind. The collage pictured was about feminine energy.

Here are a few examples of intentions I’ve offered clients.

Create a collage of:

  • Your Quantum Self
  • Your stand or manifesto
  • The transformation you want for clients
  • A vision you want to manifest.
  • Your Creative Muse
  • Your Super Power
  • And even, your pain.

Once you have a theme, focus or intention, hold it lightly and allow your right-brain, intuitive mind to find the pictures to use. Try to limit ‘thinking’ your way through this. Your left-brain, linear mind, is where the saboteur lives and it will stifle dreaming and big visions.

When doing ‘self’ collages, it’s most powerful when you add a picture of yourself to it. I like to use my head and my hands.

Your collage doesn’t have to be big – 8 x 10 or even journal size – you can glue images right into your journal. I usually like to glue them on some heavier paper or card stock and then take a photo or scan it, size it for my journal, and print it out on computer paper. Then glue that print into the journal. It’s less bulky that way.

Once you have a collage, spend some time with it.

Journal about the energy, mood, metaphors, elements etc. Ask specific elements questions. Like, why are you here or what do you want me to know?

Post the collage where you will look at it periodically. Let it inspire and support your forward movement!

Have fun with this!