The concept of micro-content is getting a lot of buzz lately. It basically refers to small bite-size nuggets of information that can be consumed in 30 seconds or less.

Micro-content is a recommended way to build authority and create a following on the social media platforms of your choice.

I have to admit, I don’t really have a social media plan. I get easily stopped by not knowing what to post. However, framing it as micro-content somehow makes it seem easier. I have created lots of content, and I bet you have too.

This whole idea initially got my attention because it’s exactly what I encourage my card deck students to do, pair down their wisdom and expertise into small, easily digestible, bits of content. Each card is a perfect example of micro-content and can be re-purposed. So those of you out there with a card deck are many steps ahead of everyone else.

For those without a card deck, I want to share some thoughts on how to find your own micro-content and what to do with it.

As I’ve researched and started paying attention to what’s out there, I’m seeing two different types of micro-content. One type speaks to the inner work of growth and success and might include things you say to your clients often. This type of content is supportive and empowering. The other type offers bite-sized tips, strategies, or education related to your area of expertise. In other words, micro-content from the heart and micro-content from the head.

Start by creating two columns: 1. Micro-content from the heart and 2. Micro-content from the head.

Now begin going through existing content. Look at articles, blog posts, training modules, coaching processes, lead magnets, and even client notes. Set the intention of coming up with 10 examples under each column.

Here’s an example of micro-content from the head: “Micro-content is short, bite-sized nuggets consumable in 30 seconds or less”

Here’s an example of micro-content from the heart “Your clients don’t want you to regurgitate other people’s wisdom, they want you. Trust your own deep knowing.”

Once you have gathered some micro-content you can turn it into a beautiful Facebook or Instagram post or turn it into a short video. Play with this on the social media sites you are most drawn to and see what happens.

Have fun with this!