What is your earliest memory related to money?

What were the emotions that surrounded it?

My earliest money memories, growing up in a blue-collar home with 6 kids, led me to conclude that there is ‘not enough’ and it wasn’t okay to want more than your fair share. It also motivated me to find ways to earn money at a very early age. I sold ears of corn from my section of our garden, I did baby sitting and got a real job as soon as I was old enough.  How about you?

Our early experiences begin to shape our beliefs about money and they can play out now in your business. They influence how we price our products and programs today.

Identifying those beliefs is an important first step in changing them. Take a moment with these questions and see if you can identify your money beliefs.

What shows up for you when you think about pricing?

What is your first reaction when someone says “I can’t afford your program”?

If your coach said double your current fees – what would your gut response be?

Did you notice any beliefs that might be sabotaging your success? The inner ‘judge’ has plenty of lies to go around: There’s not enough, You have to work hard to have more, if you charge that much you will be expected to be perfect, If I have more, you will have less, I’m much more comfortable giving it away, and on and on.

Here are a few ways you can begin to play with those beliefs and reduce their hold on you. In Positive Intelligence work there are 5 Sage powers. Each of these can help you shift to a more abundant mindset.

Bring empathy to your circumstances and fears and then see past that to the field of all possibilities.

Become fascinated about your beliefs and habits without judgement. What do you notice? Ask yourself, what would a 7-figure coach do?

When it comes to doubling your rates, play the Yes And game. “YES, what I love about that idea is…And what if…(and repeat multiple times)

How would becoming financially free serve your mission, purpose and values? What would your higher self do with greater abundance?

Action is where things really start to shift. What’s one thing you can commit to that releases old beliefs and opens you to more prosperity?

When those old beliefs loosen up and your mindset becomes more abundance focused, it’s a good time to go review how you are pricing your services, programs and products.