You don’t have to always promote your own product, program or service to attract an infusion of cash. You can also earn revenue by promoting other people’s products and programs.  

If you aren’t yet familiar with the term ‘affiliate’ or J.V. partner, it’s high time you make its acquaintance. An affiliate or J.V.partner is someone who promotes your products and programs in exchange for a commission, visibility to your audience, promoting them in return or any combination of those things.

Being an affiliate or JV partner promoting someone else is one of the easiest ways to bring in additional revenue. There are three ways to do this and a couple of important things to keep in mind as you choose who to promote.

The 3 ways to earn:

1. Be an affiliate for someone during their specific launch. This is one of the most lucrative options. You will be provided with free content and lots of marketing copy to use and their launch is all about creating energy and buzz so it is time limited. They might even offer an affiliate contest and you can win cool prizes on top of the affiliate commission.

2. Create a recommended products and programs page on your website. List products and services you use and love and would recommend to clients. Sign up to be an affiliate for each of them and attach your link.  I recommend buying a domain name specifically for that page, something like “your-name-recommends.com”. That way it is super easy to refer an audience or clients to great service

3. Post a graphic on your home page that links to a favorite product or service, with your affiliate link of course. I do this on the Coaching Toys store home page for 3 affiliates I’m fond of: Choice magazine, The Coaching Tools Company and CoachGlue.

Choosing who to promote

The best products, programs or services to promote are ones you use or have first hand experience with. When you bring your personal experience, passion and enthusiasm when you talk about it, you will do well.  

Here are several questions to consider in choosing who to promote:

  1. Is it a natural fit for my audience?
  2. Would it add value to my audience?
  3. Do I have first-hand knowledge of the quality and fully trust the product/program/service?
  4. What is the commission rate?  
  5. Will it compete with my programs or services?
  6. Will their launch dates compete with my own?

Now, go find someone to promote. Seriously, promoting others can add $1000’s to your bottom line. It’s a strategy worth adding.