KW-02-2TAre you plugged in to the people in your network? Do you know who your connectors are? Do you know how to network in a way that is fun and natural?

According to Karen Warner creator of Easily Wired, there are five action areas required to experience success via networking.  The operative word is – easily.  Play with the categories, try on some new behaviors and leverage the areas where you experience comfort.

Here are the five categories:

Risk – Create experiments that will get you out of your comfort zone
Connect: Identify your connectors and find interesting and relevant ways to engage them
Differentiate: Experiment with ways to stand out from the crowd.
Communicate: Share your information and expertise on a regular basis
Reconstitute: Do things that stimulate your creativity and resourcefulness to keep you on the cutting edge.

Karen’s workbook and card deck; Easily Wired, Networking with no unnatural acts, is packed full of great tips like the one below. 

Powerful tip from the "Connect" category


Connect #6
“Search your connector’s names online and get current on what they’re doing, thinking. Follow their status updates or “tweets””

It really is all about connection and it’s something you can do today!

Ready – Set – Engage.  Expand your sphere of influence – easily.