Today was the first day of "Art Camp". A week long art intensive for serious adult artists. It’s been quite a while since I’ve given my art this kind of serious attention and it feels like a delicious luxury to spend a full 5 days making art. The host is artist Karla Ness and the camp is held on her farm; the Blue Horse Farm, in Wisconsin.

I’m excited and I feel a little bit of performance anxiety – oh my god, do I even remember how to draw? It would be so easy to hide behind what I already know how to do AND no hiding allowed.  It is my intention to let myself experiement, explore new mediums and see what new images emerge for me (I’ve been doing the same kind of work for awhile). Most of all – PLAY, the best things have always emerged from play.

The day started out with introductions and staking out our "studio area" in the barn. It’s kind of like finding your power spot ala Carlos Casteneda. Then we had a great presentation by an art supplies expert Beth Bergman owner of Wet Paint (By far the best art supply store in the Minneapolis St Paul area) – She came bearing lots of samples to play with – cool and fun way to ease into things. I didn’t really get into making any "art" until afternoon. At that point, I became excruciatingly aware of how out of practice I am. I just had to dive in and re-establish a relationship with the materials and play and risk making bad art – which I definitley proceeded to do.

Late afternoon Karla offered a demo on creating your own pigment grounds  – It got me excited to try some experimenting. I’m looking forward to that tomorrow and I plan to sit in on one of the life drawing sessions  – I haven’t done that in a very long time. Watch for more posts from art camp.

So – What is your "Art Camp"?