Artist and coach, Barb Kobe describes the “ART Paper Doll” as a symbolic, embodied art form. To me it’s a fun, easy to access structure for personal discovery and expression and it has so many applications – including product development.
Let’s play with YOU as your BEST, most successful, creative product creator/creatress.
If your best product creating self were an art paper doll, would it be a he, a she or something else? Would it be a child, an adult or an elder? Perhaps it has animal or plant characteristics?
Think about the strengths and characteristics your product creator/creatress brings.  Don’t over think this as you begin to gather images from magazines.
Find just the right head, hands and feet (or take pictures of your own). Find images to dress and embellish You. Include tools and props if desired. Really follow your intuition as you put it all together as a collage art paper doll.
When finished, take a moment to reflect on what shows up.
Are there surprises?
Does it speak to you? What is the message?
Try having a conversation with your successful, powerful product creating self. He or she just may have the answers you are seeking. Check in with him or her often through your product creating process.
If you would like to use a pattern for this process and learn about other ways to use art paper dolls, download Barb Kobe’s free ebook – it’s awesome – lots of great pictures that will inspire you!  Self-Discovery ART Paper Dolls