When new clients tell me their business isn’t where they want it to be despite their best efforts, the first thing I ask is…

Do you have something to offer potential clients besides 1:1 packages?

And if they don’t, that’s where we start – exploring product and program ideas.

We brainstorm ideas, we find the magic to make them irresistible and we make sure there’s a strategy in place so that clients stay longer and move organically from one program to the next.

Because…THE ONLY WAY to grow your business and income in a way that won’t make you cringe, feel overwhelmed or become disconnected from what matters is to create products and programs.

If you have creative urges, but have been stalling and you have a very active ‘back burner’ – it’s time to go free your creative urges from the back-burner warden!

You have creative urges for a reason. They are about YOU being called to transform lives and step into a bigger arena. 
 That calling needs to be honored.

If you are ready to say good bye to the back-burner and leap. Working with me will make sure it gets done.

I know how to take the fear out of it.
I have a system that makes it easy.
I won’t let you bail on your ideas.
There will be no stressing or head banging around the how tos – I’ll take you step by step from start to finish.
You will be thrilled with the results

Instead of dreaming about it, you are going to walk away with your own transformational products and programs. You will be bustin’ your buttons with pride. You will have a cool way to attract tons of yeses. Surprising new opportunities will show up because you are taking a stand for what you know. And to be real, you will make more money.

There are a number of ways to work with me – classes, group programs and private coaching.

Ready to build a transformational product-based business? I recommend a 6 month commitment, contact me about details.

 Not ready for that level of commitment – try one of the starter packages…

 Starter package >4 private sessions. All packages can be customized to meet your specific needs.

This is a perfect first step to creating a business that touches more lives and makes you more money.

Make It Irresistible Product Coaching

The starter package can be customized in three ways:
1. You have so much wisdom, let’s find your brilliance, what you stand for and package that up in a new way for your clients.
2. Once you have product ideas, the perfect next step is to create and package them in a way that speaks to your ideal client and gets them excited to buy.
3. Let’s get your strategy in place so clients stay with you longer and move organically from one product or program to the next.

4 private sessions – $1295 

Transformational Product Brilliance Coaching Package.

 We will brainstorm ideas, find the magic to make them irresistible and make sure there’s a strategy in place so that clients stay longer and move organically from one program to the next. This package is fully customizable to meet your needs.

12 private sessions $3695