There are SO MANY different types of products you can create…

Books, ebooks, online courses, workbooks, journals, audio CDs, card decks, calendars, workshops, retreats, keynotes, coaching programs, kits, podcast series, children’s books, board games, clothing, training props, tote bag, bootcamps, licensed programs etc.
Take a peak at some products I’ve helped others create!

Pictured below: a 3 part home study course, a card deck plus workbook, an ebook, a kit, a workbook, an ecourse, downloadable posters, another ebook and a CD.


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Creating a card deck-based product is one of the hottest new trends for coaches, counselors and trainers. Now is the perfect time to create one for your business. Not only will it be a great money maker, it will attract new clients, open up opportunities and give you the same kind of credibility a book would! PLUS it’s a whole lot easier!

Learn More Here: The Card Deck Master Class (offered one time per year)