Random Acts of Marketing

Marketing is not something you do once, and you are done. It is something you do over and over again. This is why having a system is so important.

Most people tend to do random acts of marketing. That approach creates a constant scramble, trying a little of this and a little of that. It usually means a lot of effort without great results. Having some systems and strategies in place will make your marketing efforts easier and more effective. Below is an example of a simple marketing system that you could easily create.

A simple 5-step system:

Step 1
The first part of the system is to speak as often as possible delivering one of two talks you’ve created. (this can be via podcasts, summits, radio shows, as a guest for someone else’s list and live presentations) As you start getting known for those topics, you will get more invitations.

Step 2
Each time you speak, invite people to sign up for a free download relevant to your topic. If you are speaking ‘live’ invite attendees to sign up for a free session with you.
Notice in steps 1 & 2 that you aren’t ‘selling’ at all.

Step 3
If you offered a free download, you now have an email address and can continue to follow up. In a subsequent email, invite them to an exciting comp session. Your cool comp session should have a juicy title and be aligned with the topic of your talk.
If you spoke in person, follow up with those who signed up for the comp session and get them scheduled.

Step 4
Make an offer. The comp session is the perfect opportunity to provide value and recommend a next step to them. The next step could be working with you privately, joining a group program, or purchasing a product/course.

Step 5
Whether someone signed up for the comp session or grabbed the offer you recommend, they are on your list. You get to continue to build relationship with them. As you share regular newsletter content, resources and guidance, your new subscribers get to know and trust you. As the relationship grows they will likely purchase from you down the road.

This is one simple example of a marketing system that you can rinse and repeat.

Can you see how having a system makes your marketing so much easier? No more willy-nilly all over the place. Plus, with a system, you have the opportunity to track results and see clearly what is working and what isn’t. When you know that, you can tweak the system until the results excite you.