If you want something new to happen in your business, you need to create products and this is where to start. There are basically 3 mistakes to avoid and I’m sharing the steps to take instead.

Mistake #1: You offer 1:1 services only.
If this is you –  you have just put a giant lid on yourself. There is no room to grow. It’s all dependent on how many hours you can put in.

A product-based business model can change that. Products have the power to transform lives and transform your business.

By product. I mean: ebooks, downloads, card decks, home study programs, keynotes, bootcamps, signature programs, even how you package your 1:1 service offerings – they are all “products.”

Mistake #2: Copy cat syndrome.
It doesn’t serve you or your clients to regurgitate someone else’s expertise – they want you.

Claim your wisdom, your expertise and take a stand. The first step is being willing to know what you know. Second step is to bring your unique energy, style, preferences and authentic flair to it. Third step – find your inner rebel. Your inner rebel takes a stand for your clients. Your inner rebel has an opinion.

Mistake #3: Chasing shiny objects and wild tangents
This can be costly in terms of time, money and energy.

Create with a product strategy in mind. There are three parts to a good product strategy.
1. You want to create specifically for your ideal clients
2. You want to create products that establish your expertise
3. You want your products to flow from one to the next – you want them to fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

I recommend creating 3 products that fit together so beautifully that your clients will naturally and easily flow from one to the next. This is so much better than creating a random assortment of products that don’t invite a next purchase. This will generate more profit for you and give you more ease and freedom.

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