Seven GREAT Reasons To Shop The Coaching Toys Sale! 

Runs thru Dec 4   Coaching Toys Sale!


1. To find a perfect a gift for a special client.

have lots of great options.  Take a look at the Enrichuals Cards (one
of my long time favorites) or the Spirit at Work Boxed set or the Paths
to Guidance Cards.
  The Spirit at Work cards are discounted more than
they have ever been so if this one interests you, act soon

2. To bring a little fun and creativity to a workshop design.

are a couple of cool ways to use the Chiji Processing Cards or the JICT
. Ask workshop participants at the start of the program to choose
an image that reflects their intention. It works at the end too, choose
a card that reflects your take-away. Images have a way of opening up
the quality and depth of what is shared.

3. To add value to that a high-end program you are launching in 2013.

Essential Edge Self-Guided Coaching Workbook is so beautifully designed
it will definitely reflect well on you plus clients have an inviting
place to track your work together. The discount on this one is super, so
a worthy contender. You might also consider something like The Points
of You Coaching Game
as a way to invite a ritual before each session or
during a private retreat.

4. To learn something new without paying for a live workshop.

about Becoming A Creativity Coach from Eric Maisel or Body-Centered
from Marlena Field. Hone your coaching skills with Q? Basics
Open-Ended Questions

5. To find a tool for yourself to access creativity and intuition.

the Enrichuals Cards or The Points of You Coaching Game or Unfolding
Your Life Vision Kit
(a very cool collage process – great way to start

6. To make a new offer look really attractive.

any product to your coaching offer and it immediately looks more
inviting. For example offer 4 months of coaching plus the RiskADay
, The Road to Resilience Values Deck or the Right Brain Business
Plan book. A small investment to make a four month package easy to say
yes to!

7. To bring more beauty into your home or Office.

– this is a little outside the coaching realm but art work can shift
your emotional state and take you to new places. Check out the Gallery

Sale runs through Dec. 4: Http://www.coachingtoysstore.com