A great Creative Sparker from Humble Beginnings by Melanie Keveles
How DID they start? Big success can come from amazingly humble
beginnings. May their evolution to success inspire you to start your
special dream

Announce with Inspiration
By Melanie Keveles

When Cara O’Callaghan, Santa Barbara, CA, founded www.preggersnproud.com, she wanted to announce her approaching motherhood.

By the time she saw actress Kate Hudson wearing one of her new designer maternity T-shirts, she knew she had arrived.

"Back then there were no maternity slogan T-shirts," recalled
O’Callaghan, who started her company in July 2003 while three months
pregnant with her son Zaeden, now 2.

"I was playing with the idea of announcing it in a fashionable way," she explained.

Starting with an investment of just $4,000, a "dinosaur e-commerce
site" with a simple PayPal account and four prototypes created by her
graphic designer husband, O’Callaghan set out to exploit a niche in the
new mommy market. Today her site offers t-shirts for mommy, daddy and

What do you have to announce to the world and how can that announcement inspire your business?

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