FundraiserMy husband Rick and I are reaching out to our community this week for help and the response so far has been amazing and deeply humbling.

It's not easy to ask for help but sometimes situations require it and Ricks fall off of our roof last December put us in that kind of situation.

I've posted an open letter on the Coaching Toys site.

Here is an excerpt:

"I never imagined my home would need to be wheelchair accessible or that a hospital bed and commode would be parked in my dining room. It's amazing how an event like this changes everything; our routines changed, our environment changed, our priorities changed, our financial situation changed.

AND something deep within kicks in and you do what you need to do on a daily basis. My focus is on Rick's healing, in fact it's hard to think of anything else and I'm doing everything in my power to help him literally get back on his feet again. With mounting medical bills, Rick's inability to work and my attention pulled away from my business to take care of him – it's pretty scary."

You can read the full letter here: Message from Marcy 

The fundraiser runs March 12 through March 17 via the Coaching Toys Store. Many of the Coaching Toys vendors are donating 100% of the proceeds of sales during this week. There is also an option to make a straight donation.

If you feel called to contribute or to spread the word, it would mean alot to us. Visit www.CoachingToysStore.com