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As part of our 10 year anniversary Coaching Toys is initiating The 2013 Product Awards. We have created three award categories: Out of the Box, Art Of The Heart and Big Life Big Action. The product finalists are all stand outs in their category and choices were based on concept, design, usability and track record.

The final winners will be determined by a public vote. We will award Out of the Box in March, Big Action, Big Life in June and Art Of The Heart in September.

Here are the 4 finalists for the 2013 Coaching Toys Out of The Box Award. 

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ShiftDC-01-2TShift Deck

Uniquely packaged prompts to help shift energy and perspective. Who doesn't need a bit of lightness and new energy now and again.

There are so many great ways to use these cards: Shift your own energy before a client session, use to break a stalemate or lighten up difficult conversations and in workshops as a way to introduce humor shift between intense exercises.

The creator of this tool, Diana Chapman uses them with families in conflict. She tells me she received a thankyou letter from a 12 year old boy who says he looks forward to family conflicts because they get to use the shift cards. All I can say is WOW!


HatsFDP-OHC01-2TOne Hat At A Time Momentum Cards

This deck leverages the power of metaphor like no other deck I've seen. The whimsical pictures and creative questions open up learning and shift perspective in a way that is both powerful and light-hearted. 

Everyone knows "hats" making it easy to use in person or on the phone. Ask your client what "it" might look like if they put on the jesters hat? or the artists beret? or a miners helmut?

Perfect icebreaker or debriefing tool for workshops too!


PointsPY-01-2TPoints of You, the Coaching Game

There are a number of imagery based products out there but this one is the cream of the crop. Beautiful images, stellar writing to illuminate the pictures and a wonderful process that can be self-guided or facilitated. And the unique packaging – it's an invitation to engage.

Coaching via images will always yield unexpected results! Use with your clients and you will see what I mean or carve out retreat time and use it yourself!


MetaphorsJS-MM01-2TMiniature Metaphors

Here's another take on using metaphor and I love that this tool breaks out of the box by using tiny objects rather than a card deck. It is so fun to pick up the objects and hold them in your hand. What a great take away from a workshop.

There are as many ways to use them as there are ways to use metaphors and symbols. Use them to check in. Ask participants to choose an object that reflects something about them we don't know, reflects an intention for the day or symbolizes a strength. Similarly use it as a debriefing tool following an exercise. I've seen it used with teams – imagine the dynamic of choosing the symbol as a group – loads of rich learning to be had.

These are the four finalists! Awesome right!

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