Response to a recent poll on goals

I ran across a poll recently at www.theartrepreneur.com asking artists if they had a plan and goals for their art career. A whopping 73% at last count did not have a clue where they were going next. I don’t think artists are alone in this. What is it about the whole idea of planning that has people run in the other direction. Even in the face of conventional wisdom and scientific studies that point to a greater chance of success with goals. Is it a resistance to a linear structure? A fear of success? Lack of faith in the ability to follow through? Not knowing how to create good goals?

Do you have a vision for yourself? Do you have goals?
Why or why not? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

The poll inspired me to write an article – It’s posted on my coaching web site

 Up a Creek Without a Vision  by Marcy Nelson-Garrison

Is goal setting and creating a vision for your life and work difficult
for you? If so you are not alone. In a recent poll of 1086 artists –
only 7% had goals that were written down – most of them had no idea
what was next for them….. Read the full article here Up a Creek Without a Vision