A Daily Dose of Inspiration and Encouragement

MousepadsWhen you want to hold an intention for yourself, especially about a direction you want your life to go, you need daily reminders. What better structure than a mouse pad.

These new Mouse Pads from iZoar are perfect!
Choose from 6 different whimsical, fun, characters and their supportive and meaningful life messages.
There are 6 powerful messages to choose from:

It Takes Courage To Be Happy

Create Your Life According To Your Dreams and Dare ToPush Back Your Boundaries

I Have Stopped Worrying About Living My Life Correctly. Oh My, What A Relief

It's Your Life You Get To Choose

Just Be, You Are Enough

Enjoy Your Random Acts of Weirdness

These whimsical mouse pads are visual reminders that empower you to grow, create and manifest intentions.  They make wonderful gifts for friends, family and clients. Keep these in mind as the holiday season approaches, they would make a great stocking stuffer. And why wait, They are on sale now!
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