The “Voice” of Body Centered Coaching!

Marlena1Marlena Field has been the voice of body centered coaching for many years. If you don't know her work, you are missing out on an amazing resource. Her work has continued to evolve and her newest offering is stellar!

If you want to deepen your skills to
Include mindfulness and the body’s wisdom Marlena's new downloadable training
program will give you what you need. The tools and techniques you learn
will support clients in gaining a greater depth of learning and insight.
You will be able to coach them around limiting
beliefs, decision making and expanding internal resources. You will
learn nine powerful body-centered techniques and listen to live coaching demonstrations of each one.

Some of what you will learn:

  • The Inter-Relationship of Body, Mind and Spirit

  • The Practice of Mindfulness

  • Neuroscience and Mindful Awareness

  • Reflection

  • Empowered Listening

  • …and more

A great way to expand your coaching repetoire.You can find the full training program as a download in the Coaching Toys Store. You can also download components of the training if there is a specific topic that interests you. There are separate training downloads available on: Decision Making, Embodied Resources and moving Beyond Limits. Each with powerful exercises you can use with clients.

Check out the full Training here: The Complete Training Manual, Body, Mind Spirit Coaching