Next UnBoxed Brain – A Powerful Fable for Clients

Princess_frcov200 Our Next Unboxed Brain Call features the mother daughter duo who authored the book: A Princess and Her Garden, Becoming the Queen of Yourself. The book is a powerful fable of awakening and arrival.  The books authors, Patricia Adson PH.D and Her daughter Jennifer Van Homer BS MSC CHIC, are committed to helping women protect, nurture and care for themselves in new and empowered ways.

I had a conversation with the two of them recently and you will be moved by their passion and wisdom! If you tend to care for others and neglect yourself the material will touch you personally.  You will also learn how to use this powerful fable with your clients. There will be a wonderful experiential component to the call so  you will want to be there in person for it.


You will walk away with:

  • An understanding of the difference between self-care and selfishness.
  • A new vocabulary to use to in talking about dependency and people pleasing that doesn’t sound like psychobabble or make the listener feel guilty.
  • A practical do-it-yourself way to re-write their own life stories and design their own futures by using a guided journal to apply these metaphors to their own lives.

The Call is TODAY

Thursday Dec. 8, 11am Pacific – 2pm Eastern

It's not to late to sign-up

It promises to be a great call. Hope to see you there!

Register Here:  UnBoxed Brain, A Princess and Her Garden

The Friday Spark – Sink into your senses

Musical_notes_1_sm This weeks Sparker is one of the Musical Musings by Linda Dessau
Drawing on the power of music to transform, heal, enlighten and soothe

Sink into your senses            

"For the maestro, music was sensory, spiritual nourishment" – Michael Gelb, "How to think like Leonardo da Vinci"       

The beauty of music is that it crosses boundaries in its capacity to nourish.

Music crosses the boundaries between the senses. When listening to music we use more than just our sense of hearing. Inside the mind we’re often creating images and colours, reliving memories and scenes from past experiences or sometimes simply picturing the artist, instrument, music video or concert stage that we associate with the piece.            

Music crosses the boundaries of the brain. When listening to music both the right- and left-brain are working, engaged and attentive. The left-brain is analyzing and trying to make sense of this language it’s hearing, while the right-brain is receiving the aesthetic qualities of the music and creating emotional responses.

Music crosses cultural boundaries. When listening to music it doesn’t matter what language it’s in, we can hear and understand the deeper meaning and the soul of the performer coming through.            

Music crosses the boundaries of health and ability. In my work as a music therapist I see this every day. When I meet my clients in the music, the veil of disability is completely lifted, and I’m blessed with a connection to a whole and healthy spirit. And as I sing and give myself musically, my whole and healthy spirit shines on through. And in that giving, I receive and I am nourished.

Music nourishes us in body, mind, soul, spirit and love. All of the elements of our being are fed and blessed.            

So for 5-15 minutes today, tune out the rest of the world and tune in to one of your favourite recordings. Sink into your senses, your extraordinary cognitive processes, your ability to transcend spoken language and your whole, beautiful spirit. Read more Sparkers by Linda Dessau at www.coachingtoys.com/musicalmusings.html

Sparkers – Musical Musings © 2006 Linda Dessau for Coaching Toys Inc – Sparkers, all rights reserved.

We would love to hear your comments and experience with this Sparker. Did you experiment with it yourself? Did you share it with a client?