Mind-Mapping Resource

MindMeisterlogo Mind-mapping
is such a great way to work with ideas it is becoming mainstream.
Most mind-mapping programs are software downloads. I have so much stuff
already on my computer I didn't want to download another program so I
went in search of an alternative and found one – Mindmeister.com

Mindmeister is completely web based and offers lots of bells and whistles depending on the package you get. You can share your mind-maps with colleagues, do real-time collaboration and create brainstorming maps together and even publish your maps for the world to see.
Oh, and yes, there is a free version that allows a limited number of
mind-maps. Worth checking out!

If you have a mind-mapping program you love, I'd love to hear about it

Creative Brainstorming – Are you doing it right?

BigStk-ideassm Dave Dufour –  the creative genius behind the very cool idea
generation tool called watizit  has just started a creativity and innovation
podcast series called Creative License. One of his first topics is on creative
brainstorming and the most common pitfall to a good session.

We all think we know how to brainstorm, right, but how well
do we really keep the critic out of the brainstorming room? You know, the voice
of “reason” that says yes, but; we don’t have the budget for it, it won’t work,
that’s a dumb idea, yada yada yada.  The
truth is in a free flowing permission filled  brainstorming session, not all of the ideas
will be great, not all of the ideas will work and it’s OK – really! The goal is
simply to generate as many ideas as possible and let ideas bounce off each
other. You have no way of knowing which seemingly bad idea will trigger a flash
of brilliance – An effective brainstorming session needs the good, the bad and the
ugly in order to land on the great!

This is true in a group and when working alone! Get the
critical part of your brain out of the room, out of your head. Let your mantra
be permission, permission, permission and PLAY.  Plenty of time for those valued critical
skills to step in LATER.