The Friday Spark-Life Is Good

A Humble
Beginnings Spark
By Melanie Keveles

How DID they start?  Big success can come from amazingly humble
beginnings.  May their evolution to success inspire you to start your
special dream … now!

Life Is Good

Anyone who has tried to make a living selling t-shirts knows that life can be
tough.  After all, t-shirts are a dime a dozen.  Brothers Bert and
John Jacobs set out to sell t-shirts in dormitories on East Coast college
campuses and found themselves barely scraping by for five years.  Until
they created a focus and a logo for their business that seemed to strike a
chord – Life is Good!  They credit a guy named Jake on a poster they had
in their room for coming up with a logo and an approach.  When you see his
unique smile on the back of one of the t-shirts or on the lifeisgood.com Web
site, you’ll instantly know how Jake had a hand in making this business come

As the brothers tell their story on their Web site, when they were desperate to
make their business go, they decided to print Jake’s smiling face and
optimistic comment about life being good on 48 t-shirts in September of 1994.
They brought these shirts to a street fair and by noon, they were sold
out.  They realized at once they had a hit – and a success in the making –
in stark contrast to the difficulty they had previously had to selling their

Today their Massachusetts
based company provides clothing, pet items, children’s items and otherwise
“cool gear” to retailers nation-wide.
What unique focus is
waiting right under your nose that could propel your business to a success
beyond your wildest imagination?

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